Newcastle ‘thrown under the bus’ by ‘bizarre’ Premier League change

The tests of the new Premier League boss and director were “bizarre” and left Newcastle United in trouble without any real impact.

That’s the view of financial expert Kieran Maguire, who works exclusively with football insider Changes to the Premier League ownership rules.

According to reports daily mail On Thursday (30 March), the Premier League added to their Owner and Director Test Those convicted of human rights abuses are banned from owning clubs or being directors.

The report suggests the new ruling will not prevent Newcastle’s Saudi-backed takeover last year, or interfere with a potential Qatar takeover of Manchester United, as none of the individuals involved are on the government’s current list of sanctions for human rights violations.

Maguire believes the new changes are “big in the headlines but small in impact” and ultimately won’t have much impact on the club-buying process.

New owner and director tests make big headlines, little impact” Maguire told Football Insider.

There is zero chance of anyone on the human rights list being involved in buying a Premier League club.

This is a strange rule related to symbolism.

The timing of the announcement is no coincidence – it comes 24 hours after the Premier League chief executive rant about ownership.

After 10 years of silence on these issues, the Premier League immediately threw Newcastle United under the bus.

They must live up to the illusion that the Premier League has teeth.

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