NLE Choppa lost the Powerade deal in light of Ja Morant’s gun video

NLE Choppa, who was supposed to show his new song in Powerade, ended up losing the commercial due to Ja Morant’s publicity issues.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Ja Morant’s gun video causes NLE Choppa to lose Powerade ad

Sources with direct information reported to TMZ Hip Hop that NLE Choppa’s latest song, “Mo Up Front,” will be included in Ja Morant and Powerade’s campaign titled “What 50% More Means.”

Additionally, the ad was supposed to highlight the NCAA’s March Madness tournament.

However, Joppa’s plans were dashed when Ja Morant’s infamous video showed him flashing a gun in front of the camera. Additionally, Morant is currently serving an eight-game suspension from the NBA.

Therefore, Choppa was kicked out of the commercial for the new song due to the above reasons.

Choppa is reportedly a fan of Ja Morant despite missing out on national exposure. He also has a good relationship with his hometown Grizzlies.

Meanwhile, Choppa is reportedly set to play in the team’s celebrity basketball game. The competition is scheduled for March 20 and will benefit St. Jude Hospital.

More on NLE Choppa’s New Track “Mo Up Front”

NLE Choppa is set to release his sophomore album Cottonwood this April. Additionally, it will be the second installment in a series he debuted in 2019.

The Memphis rapper has released previews of his tracks such as Champions, 23 and his biggest hit, Do It Again, which features 2 Rare.

Additionally, Choppa released his most recent song, “Mo Up Front,” on March 10.

He raps, “Tell ’em I know money, used to make drug money / Now I’m gonna take show money, I need some up front, sell snow rabbits / Run a bag, tell ’em I know money, I need some up front.

Choppa sings, ‘Ain’t gotta to look for me b**ch you know where I’m at, anywhere which where a check on my set/ I ain’t never been debt stacks on deck racks on my neck n** ga better come right.

Beyond that, Choppa is gearing up to release his upcoming song Ain’t Gonna Answer next week with Lil Wayne.

Choppa will release his final record, Me vs. Me, in 2022, which includes 16 songs and features collaborations with artists such as Young Thug and Moneybagg Yo.


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