Officer Kingery TikTok Drama Explained

Officer Kingery TikTok Drama Explained: If you are looking to know the TikTok drama of Officer Kingery and his s**ual assault accusations, then you are on the right site. Famous TikTok sensation the friend of Charlie Kingery was alleged of se*ual assault.

After that, his social stages become unreachable on the internet. He was broadly known for touring with a comedic/musical troupe. The officer is also a member of a group of comedians “Content Violation Group”. The officer is also a member of the Lawrence SWAT team. The only reason behind the name is that they tell the truth on ongoing matters.

Officer Kingery TikTok Drama Explained

Because the fact they reveal some factual netizens looks to have liked his content which might be one of the reasons, he grew on the lip-synchronizing platform.

Though the watchers accustomed to his face have observed that he is unreachable after there was hearsay of his pal se**ally assaulting. Let’s get to know if the hearsay is true or just a hoax and more about all the TikTok drama in this blog.

Officer Kingery Drama

Admirers accustomed to TikTok content of Officer Kingery were confused about his sudden vanishing following se**al accusations against his friend. The 32-year-old officer made substantial rounds after the baseless hearsay of his pal being se*ually assaulted multiplied in the public domain. In fact, his group Content Violation also known as The Ride Along Crew trended significantly alongside the well-known TikTok sensation.

To begin from the base, his pal Jimmy Jones uploaded a video on his TikTok rejecting the hearsay and addressing the accusations made were not true. His pal Jimmy’s girlfriend Brianna wanted to have children, but he did not what caused problems in their relationship.

He even admitted to perfidy on her. Even if he accepted to cheating on her over another lady, Jimmy rejected the accusations of se*ually assaulting the wife of TikTok star Georgia Landscaper.

The TikTok drama garnered more momentum after the users of TikToj noticed that the TikTok account of the officer was not reachable. Even his Instagram account was deactivated. His TikTok profile had garnered over 38.7 million likes and now shows, “Could not discover this account” when you attempt to look at him on the platform. Since his missing from TikTok, se*ual assault accusations against him have surfaced on the web.

He allegedly shared a response video briefly prior to deleting his official TikTok account which he rejected those vague accusations. Until this date, he has never assaulted, harrassed, or battered anybody in his whole life stated the TikTok star officer Kingery in the video.

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