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Ousmane Konteh, Isatou Jabbie, Hagi Jawara Death

Ousmane Konteh Obituary – Death

Ousmane Konteh, Isatou Jabbie, Hagi Jawara Death: Three more identified in Fatal Bronx Apartment Fire
A malfunctioning space heater sparked an apartment fire on the third floor of the 19-story building on East 181st Street. Eight kids had died as a result of the incident.

Spring-loaded hinges that were supposed to shut the door automatically did not work. A second door left open in a stairwell higher up acted as a flue, sucking smoke upward.

The remaining victims of the 17 people killed in a Bronx high-rise fire on Sunday were identified early Wednesday, including a 2-year-old boy who was the youngest victim in the deadly blaze.

The NYPD released the identities of the final three victims on Wednesday:

-Ousmane Konteh, a 2 year old boy

-Isatou Jabbie, a 31-year-old woman

-Hagi Jawara, a 47 year old man.

Husband and wife Hagi Jawara and Isatou Jabbie were among the final victims.

Ousmane Konteh Death: We got information about the Death of Ousmane Konteh on January 12, 2022, through Social Media posts and News Websites. It was with a profound feeling of sadness, and an uneasy heart that loved ones and family members, as well as colleagues, and colleagues announced the sudden death of one of his beloved family members.

Ousmane Konteh Cause of Death

At this publication, we do not know what caused his death, which may never be revealed. However, when details about him become available, it will make headlines for all who want to read them!

We are all thinking about you during this difficult time. We hope that God will give strength and courage to those grieving your loss, as there is no feeling more painful than losing someone close to us in such tragic circumstances.”

Tributes and Condolences

Social media’s timelines are inundated with tributes, remembrances, and condolences for the loss of Ousmane Konteh. There is a heavy feeling of sadness that people mourn the loss of loved ones who passed away unceremoniously.

Ousmane Konteh Obituary

Ousmane Konteh, an obituary, has been released for him. His family and friends are in our prayers during this difficult time. Still, unfortunately, we have not yet received any updates about funeral arrangements for the dead person.

Tributes to Ousmane Konteh

Ousmane Konteh was a man of great faith and integrity. He will be greatly missed by friends, family members, and loved ones who knew him for all that he accomplished in life- especially during this time when we must say goodbye to those who have passed on from our lives.

I don’t believe it’s scary at all because you know there has got too much good stuff coming up after Death, like receiving an amazing massage or just waking up with your head clear and refreshed, which is exactly what happened here!

Ousmane Konteh Funeral Service

Funeral Service of Ousmane Konteh: The funeral service of Ousmane Konteh will be announced by his family members. They will post details of the deceased’s funeral and other related ceremonies on the online platform of their choice.

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