Phil Mitchell Finds Tina Carter’s Body And Gets Arrested, Update

BBC show EastEnders have hooked the fans to the edge of their seats since the beginning. Created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland, the show is about the working-class residents of Albert Square which happens to be a fictional place located in London struggling to face the challenges of everyday life.

The show is creating a lot of buzzes after the fans came to know about Phil Mitchell discovering the dead body of Tina Carter. Yes, in the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Phil finds Tina’s body and gets arrested afterwards.

It is coming forward that The Hardman who is essayed by the popular actor Steve McFadden smashed up the Indian food restaurant, Argee Bhajee so that he can scare off the bullies of Tommy Moon. However, to his surprise, Phil ends up discovering the corpse of Tina. In the past, it was shown that Scarlett and Tommy were surrounded by Tommy’s bullies. He screamed Phil for his help which resulted in Tommy running away.

The schoolboy escaped the place and hid in the old Argee Bhajee restaurant. Nevertheless, he was caught by his bullies. Later, it is revealed that Tommy’s brother has been imprisoned for killing someone. While Tommy was getting attacked by the bullies, Phil arrived with a huge pole. The actor smashed those bullies up and terrifies the gang of kids into fleeing. The kids ran away in fear while Phil and Tommy looked at each other and smiled.

However, in the next scene, Phil’s face drops as he sees the corpse of Tina, precisely, her rotten hand. Phil ushered Tommy outside and called the police. It did not go as planned as the cops arrested Phil for affray and it was only the beginning. Phil was told that he is under arrest for affray and that he does not have to say anything as it may harm his defence if he does not mention when questioned something he later relies on the court.

Phil was told that anything he says might be used in evidence and that they hope that he has said his goodbyes. It was Keeble who told Phil all of this. Phil ignored Keeble and turned to Kat to say he loves her. EastEnders spoilers have got the fans crazy and excited as they are talking about it on social media. Users are calling the ending incredible. Stay tuned to this space for more updates!

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