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PHOTOS: Austin shelter hopes senior dog portraits will help them get adopted

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Senior dogs at an Austin animal shelter recently received gifts that the shelter hopes will help them find a home for their “furever.”

JCPenny & Partners Austin pets are alive! Take pet portraits for some of the shelter’s senior dogs. APEC! is one of several shelters JCPenny partners with nationwide to help older dogs find homes.

The partnership began on Jan. 24, “Changing Pets’ Lives Day,” and will run through Feb. 28.

This oldest The smartest dogs from each shelter will be showcased online During that time, customers can click on a link to a local shelter to see available senior puppies for adoption.

Senior Dog in the APA! It’s Ollie, Fotis and Belen.

Ollie lover, but APA! Said he was neglected because he “doesn’t do well in the shelter environment, but once out of the kennel area, he’s a happy dog, ready to receive and give love!”

Fotis, a mild-mannered 100-pound German Shepherd, was elected APA!’s first Pawstin Mayor at the 2022 No Killing Anniversary Party.

Belen 7.5 years old, APA! Said she was the children’s sweetheart. She has a mild heart murmur, which is managed by keeping stress levels low.

view the entire photo gallery online.

JCPenney is also donating $1,000 to each shelter and giving the shelter a $500 JCPenney gift card that can be used to purchase towels, blankets, cleaning equipment and supplies like pet bowls and beds.

“We appreciate community partners with initiatives like JCPenney’s ‘Pet Portraits,'” said Sarah Collica, Director of Marketing and Communications for Austin Pets Alive. “The company very generously invited some of our seniors to present to their audience. We are honored and proud to be supported by a community that cares so much about pets in need.”

Anyone can schedule an appointment with anyone Portrait of JCPenney by Lifetouch studio Get a free 8×10 standard print, $70 off the digital album and free standard shipping through February 28th.

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