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Pilot and Passenger Survive Helicopter Crash Doorbell Camera Footage Viral Video

Here we share a big news with you. The pilots and their passengers miraculously survived the helicopter crash, which was captured on doorbell cameras in California over the weekend. Recently this news appeared on the Internet and the news spread on many social networking sites. The news became the subject of discussion. Since the news broke, many people have paid their respects. Now, many people are very eager to know this news. Here we have more information about the news that we will share with you in this article, let’s continue this article.

The alleged crash reportedly occurred Saturday morning when the pilot and a passenger said they heard a “pop” while flying over Fresno just before 10 a.m. ABC30 reported. The entire incident was captured by the doorbell camera. The civilian Bell 206B helicopter fell from the sky and crashed between two houses near the city’s Willow and Jensen Avenues, about 120 miles southeast of San Jose. So read the full article for more information on the news.

As we’ve already mentioned, a doorbell camera near the home captured the dramatic crash. Since the video was posted on the internet, it has gone viral on social media platforms including Twitter, where it has been viewed by thousands. Since the video was posted on the internet, many reactions have made headlines. Video shows a helicopter descending from the sky, hitting a house and then a plan tree. People were shocked after seeing the video of the incident. Scroll down the page for more information on news.

As far as we know, other footage from the site showed attempts to help the pilot and passengers escape the destruction of the KMPH helicopter reported on Saturday. Both the pilot and passenger were found conscious and breathing without serious injuries, according to police. Both were rushed to the hospital, according to the report. The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are currently investigating the incident. Here we have shared all the information we have and if we will get any information then we will share it with you. Stay tuned to the social TV broadcast for more updates.

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