Pop4ukraine Video Went Viral On Twitter

So people recently I really interesting video is gathering the attention of online citizens. The news is coming from Ukraine where a famous pop star is trying to defend the country.

A Ukrainian performer could be seen defending the nation from the Russian troops and she has also expressed her gratitude to Ed Sheeran for the concert. Now everyone wants to know what is the whole case. Taras Topolia who is a well-known performer was supposed to be doing shows but everything changed after the Russian invasion. 

Pop4ukraine Leaked Video

Although there has been some good progress and positive news as Russia has started evaluating their troops from multiple cities. And now it seems like that what will be over really soon as the stock markets All Around The World are also gaining.

So last week he expressed his gratitude by sending a message to the American performer when he was performing on 29th March. Immediately the video went viral and started trending on various social networking sites.

Pop4ukraine Video Twitter & Reddit

He expressed his message that he wanted to thank all his fellow countrymen for supporting and enjoying their concerts. He was crying and feeling really responsible.

There were millions of Pan supporting him and the kids’ world chanting for him as well. Use Express that he will be supporting children and ladies and those who need his help. We have already seen that millions of people have already left you green and started their life as refugees in neighboring countries like Poland.

Who Is Pop4ukraine?

 War is the worst situation for a country and the people always suffer. They have already completed 6 albums and have an organised concert in more than 50 cities in Ukraine. There is a really big question on the working of NATO countries and those Nations who Express themselves as the superpowers of this world as they were only sitting.

They could only provide financial help and Russia award constantly killing Ukrainians and dominating the whole situation. We will be back with some more information regarding this news and all the stories from the war.


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