Pundit can’t believe ‘crazy’ takeover latest as fan revolt mooted

Noel Whelan He insists he is not worried about the big six clubs imposing “crazy” changes to the Premier League, even if Liverpool are bought by a more hands-on owner.

Former Leeds United striker, specialized in football insiderclaiming smaller clubs and top-flight fans ultimately have a decisive vote on the future of the league.

according to liverpool echo On Thursday (November 17), US investor group Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment is now considering launching a bid for the Reds after being sold by Fenway Sports Group earlier this month.

football insider It was revealed later in the day that Liverpool powerbroker Mike Gordon had resigned from his day-to-day duties to oversee the club’s takeover.

Chelsea boss Todd Boley has come under fire recently for proposing to host a Premier League “All-Star” game – similar to top sporting events in the US.

Currently, four of the big six clubs are owned by the United States – all six clubs supported the European Super League project but pulled out due to fan pressure.

Asked whether we would see major changes to the Premier League after Liverpool returned to takeover, Whelan told football insiderEvan Kingsbury: “No. They run a football club, not the Premier League.

“They can come up with all the crazy, wacky and wonderful proposals they want – and I still don’t see any major changes for Liverpool or the league as a whole.

“It’s that simple.

“The final decision rests with other clubs and fans. Don’t forget how the fans stood up against the Super League.

“I don’t think the four biggest clubs should represent the entire Premier League.”

In other news, Kieran Maguire has claimed that the boss of the Premier League club can now resign to take over Liverpool.

Kieran Maguire: FSG chief to speed up Liverpool takeover process after ‘game-changing’ reveal

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