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Raises coming to Williamson County corrections officers, deputies

GEORGE TOWN, Texas (KXAN) – Williamson County Commissioners have approved a new pay scale for correctional officers and sheriff’s deputies, introducing more attractive salaries they hope will retain staff and enhance their lives quality.

Williamson County Judge Bill Gravel said the county’s human resources administrators conducted a survey to find out about salaries at nearby law enforcement agencies.

Judge Gravell said the pay increase was to remain competitive with the agencies — even in the last month, he said, the county lost two deputies from nearby police departments.

“I do support blue. I certainly want our men and women to be held accountable. But you know what? They risk their lives to protect us and they deserve a fair pay for it,” Gravel said.

compared to County Payroll Effective February 2022 with a salary of $42,153, now $51,000 – a difference of over $8,800.

February 2022 salary table Sheriff’s deputy listed starting salary of $56,519.82 — has now jumped to $64,552 – A difference of over $8,000.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Deputies Association provided input during the pay charting process.

President Charles Duvall has served about seven years — a time he said the county’s rising cost of living has put pressure on lawmakers.

“We’re growing every day. You know, it wasn’t a big crisis, you know, two or three years ago, but now with all the growth in Williamson County, it’s becoming a big crisis for our wages,” Duval said.

For information on how to serve in the Sheriff’s Office, visit County website.

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