Roberta Paulsen Passes Away During The Ottawa protest, Obituary

Since a demonstrator named Roberta Paulsen died during the rally, there has been a lot of upheaval in Ottawa. People have taken to the internet to read about the situation.

If you are unaware that Ottawa has been witnessing months of protests against restrictions imposed across the country due to the spread of Covid-19 and vaccination requirements in the country, you should scroll down the page to learn more about the internet’s most popular topic: how people are protesting against the ruling party and authorities.

What is going on in the city? Read all of the sections of the article by scrolling down the page.

How did Roberta Paulsen die?

A video showing two Ottawa police officers stomping two protestors as they marched through the crowd is currently being circulated on social media. The horses crushed two demonstrators, and the crowd rushed forward to assist the two men. Then, donning riot gear and using batons, police officers force them to retreat.

Roberta Paulsen, an Ottawa protester, died recently. When the demonstrator continues to demonstrate in Ottawa over government restrictions on covid-19 and vaccination mandates. Two Ottawa police officers trampled two individuals with their horses. They went through the throng, according to a video published on Twitter. The mob rushed in to help the individuals as the horse stepped on them.

In addition, police officials told protestors that if they did not clear the area and evacuate the area promptly, they would be arrested. To read the rest of the video’s scenario, go to the following section.

Demonstrators continue to resist the government’s directives forcefully approaching the police lines after being cautioned by Ottawa police officers.

When the incident escalated, authorities took control of the account on Twitter and tweeted, “demonstrators continue to act violently towards police lines, to maintain a mandatory gap between protestors and police lines, a unit of mounted police has been sent to the scene to halt the escalation of violence.” This step has been done to protect you from future damage and to keep the town safe.

What Happened During The Incident?

Demonstrators reportedly tossed a bike at the mounted police’s service animal, according to Ottawa police. According to reports, a horse was wounded in the event, and it was also discovered that a guy did it on purpose, which is why police apprehended a suspect who injured the police service horse’s leg.

When Newsweek approached the Ottawa Police Authorities for comment, the department stated that no one had been stepped on. According to the spokesperson, no one was trampled by the horses since a guy had fallen but got up and went away.

In the film taken by the cops, they were attempting to push the crowd back. Police wearing riot gear and wielding batons were pushed back into the throng. People responded strongly to police commands when the crowd was treated this way by the police. The protestors were being escorted out of the demonstration location by police.

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