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Sandeep Kaur Melbourne Video Viral, Fit Punjabi TikTok Clip Become Sensation!

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Recently, a video belonging to an NRI girl went viral on social media and gained the spotlight. As usual, the video first appeared on Twitter and then went viral on other platforms. The video made the girl even more popular and led to thousands of people now wanting to know more details about her and wondering which of her videos went viral and made people go crazy about her. People always show interest in female videos, which is why whenever a girl’s video comes up on the web, they start to know about it. But before we talk about the video, let’s talk about the girl.

Sandeep Kaur Melbourne Video

The name may be new to us, but not to those who are still using Tiktok. She is active on Tiktok just like any other foreigner or NRI person. You must think TikTok is banned in India, so how does she use it? The simple answer is that she lives in Melbourne. She is a Punjabi girl of Indian origin but lives in Melbourne, Australia. She used to make videos on TikTok, mostly fitness and lifestyle related videos.She created her account with the username “Fit Punjaban” and amassed 290.3K followers on Tiktok, her videos are very famous

Punjabi-friendly TikTok video leaked

That’s why she has over 5 million likes. Little is known about Sandeep Kaur’s personal life as she has never shared many details of her personal life on digital platforms. This time, however, she made headlines not because of the healthiness of her lifestyle videos, but because of her intimate videos that went viral online. After seeing the chaos, she finally decided to file a police complaint with E-Safety Australia to remove any videos or photos leaked from the web. The viral video showed her intimate scenes with her partner, where she was seen doing explicit things.

Sandeep Kaur Fits Punjab Full Scandal

Although it is unclear who posted her personal video and what was actually depicted in the video. There are a lot of people who have already watched this video, but those who haven’t want to know more details about it and a link. It is now illegal to share her video because she has filed a complaint and if someone shares her video, that person will have immediate problems. So our advice is to not share her video, if you own it, delete it as it is not correct to save such a video without the consent of this person.

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