Sirf Tum 17th March 2022 Full Written Episode Update, Suhani Getting Drunk!

Today’s written update is all about Suhani getting drunk. Sirf tum sure delivered on its promise of interesting content today! In this episode, Suhani gets fairly drunk and starts making a lot of stupid decisions. Her friends try to help her get her bearings and understand her drunken state, but it’s apparently not that easy. We also learn about a new technology that will revolutionize the way we store food! The episode starts with Suhani trying to drink alcohol for the first time and ends with her vomiting all over the place. It is an interesting written update that touches on a variety of topics including alcohol, teenagers, and relationships. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Sirf Tum 17th March 2022

In this episode, Suhani gets drunk and makes a fool of herself. She embarrasses herself in front of everyone and even worse, the whole crew has to help her clean up her mess. Will she ever learn her lesson? You’ll have to watch the written update to find out! She continues to drink even after being warned multiple times, and the consequences start to show. First, she makes a fool of herself at a party, and then she can’t even stand up on her feet when it comes to working. Things are only going to get worse for her, and we are sure that everyone watching will be rooting for her to finally learn her lesson.

Sirf Tum Today’s Full Episode Written Update

The update starts off with Suhani introducing herself to the reader. She then goes on to say that she is looking for a change in her life and that she is ready to explore new things. After getting drunk for the first time, Suhani finds herself enjoying the experience. She then goes on to say that she is happy that she made the decision to get drunk and that she wants to do it again. The update ends with Suhani saying that she will write another written update soon. Suhani is drinking in her room. She always cries thinking of Luthra’s thoughts.

Luthra is responsible for Suhani’s condition, he wanted to produce a son, but Suhani gave birth to a baby girl. Luthra did not like this thing at all, so he was disappointed with Suhani and started despising her. Suhani will tell Bhavna that she loves her a lot and didn’t want to hurt her and this is why she kept quiet about Yuvraj’s decision. Suhani will also tell that when everyone was not happy with their marriage than from where this happiness came from and how Yuvraj changed his decision and what was his motive behind all this.

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