Sirf Tum 19th March 2022 Full Written Episode Update, Suhani and Ansh Reach Sudha’s Place!

In the latest episode of Sirf Tum, Ranveer and Ansh’s dance irks Suhani yet again. This time, Ranveer decides to take Suhani for a dance lesson, which leaves Ansh feeling left out. When Ansh tries to take part in the lesson too, Ranveer refuses and tells him to stay back. This doesn’t go down well with Ansh, who decides to get his revenge by dancing poorly during their date. The duo decides to teach Ranveer a dance they learned in America and while he seems to be enjoying it at first, he soon tires of it. As the day progressed, Ansh and Suhani continued to dance around the house. It seemed like they were only getting more and more creative with their moves. Ranveer was starting to get irritable with all of the commotions. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates!!!!!!

Sirf Tum 19th March 2022

He wasn’t used to being kept in the dark like this. He wanted to see the finished product so he could make his judgment. But, instead of seeing the dance show, he was promised, all Ranveer got was a lot of noise and movement. On Sirf Tum 19th March 2022 Episode: Ansh And Suhani’s Dance Irks Ranveer, Ansh expressed his annoyance over Suhani’s dance. He felt that it was disrupting the peace and harmony of the party. Meanwhile, Ranveer felt that it was all in good fun and that his wife deserved to have a good time. He also defended her dance skills

Sirf Tum Today’s Full Episode Written Update

And asserted that they were of a much higher standard than what was being displayed by Suhani. This scene highlighted the clash of opinion between the two couples over their respective dancer’s performances. Today the chapter of Sirf Tum is really amazing episode. You will like this written update. In the last episode, there was a dance competition at Bharti’s clinic. There were many participants who were at their best to win this competition. As compared to others there were Ansh and Suhani who have shown maximum effort to win this competition.

It was fun that Suhani and Ansh did the salsa while they danced on the song Shava Shava. Suhani and Ansh both were brilliant and danced really well, however some couples were also good but Ansh and Suhani’s dance irks Ranveer. What happened? The show is going to be interesting as it will end today. The episode starts with Ansh and Suhani dancing in the bar. Ranveer gets an unpleasant shock of watching the couple dancing to their heart’s content. But fortunately, he had his eyes on them from a distance. The eye-lock continues between both.

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