Sirf Tum 2 Full 15th March 2022 Written Episode Update, Suhani talking to Mamta About Ranveer

Hello my dear friends, today we have come again with very good information for you. In today’s episode of Sirf Tum, Suhani talks to Mamta about Ranveer. Mamta shares with Suhani her thoughts on Ranveer and how she feels about him. Mamta also opens up about her experience of working with him and how it has been.

Episode 15 of Sirf Tum’s written update has Suhani talking to Mamta about Ranveer. In this conversation, Mamta shares her opinion on Ranveer and her experience with him. She also tells Suhani about the time when Ranveer came to her house for a meeting.

Today’s episode of Sirf Tum starts off with Mamta talking to Suhani about Ranveer and what she has been up to. Mamta reveals that she is still in touch with Ranveer and they have been talking regularly. Suhani is surprised to hear this and asks Mamta why she is still talking to him after everything that he has done. Mamta tells her that Ranveer is a human being and he makes mistakes. She says that she forgives him and she wants him to be happy.

As Suhani and Mamta chat, Ranveer watches them from afar. He’s been trying to get talking to her all night, but she’s been avoiding him. Finally, he has his chance and asks her out on a date. But she turns him down, saying that she’s already in a relationship. Disappointed, Ranveer walks away. Suhani Talks To Mamta about Ranveer will be available here. You can find the written update here. It is a popular Indian band that is being aired on Star Plus and this drama serial is based on the love story of lead characters named Aakash (Kunal Jaisingh) and Suhani (Leena Jumani). Both are in love with each other.

Suhani and Mamta were talking cheerfully in the hospital garden. Mamta was telling some incidents about her love story with Aradhya to Suhani. But she was seeing through their game. She was getting impatient after so many twists and turns happened between Ranveer and Aradhya.

There will be a lot of twists and turns in today’s episode. Here we will give you the update of today’s episode without fail. So, there will be a big drama in today’s episode and it will get more interesting in upcoming episodes. Stay tuned to this page if you want to get more information about Sirf Tum.

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