Son Ye Jin Getting Married To Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin Instagram explored: As Son Ye Jin got married to her: Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin both are now confirmed their wedding by leaving a message for their fans over their Instagram handle with the confirmation, which hearing her fans showed so much love.

She described there on her Instagram handle as her love simultaneously she posted a photo of an off white miniature wedding dress detailed beautifully with stones that signify her wedding, she stated that she found the love of her life with whom she is ready to spend her entire life ups and downs, she was overwhelmed by sharing this news of her. 

Hyun Bin Instagram explored

While sharing this she not only started her statement but requested her fans for the intense love and thereafter her comment section was filled with so much love and blessings and congratulations messages. Which simultaneously filled her heart.

Son Ye Jin team stated the statement consisting of official plans for their wedding:

The team them are informing about the wedding that they have revealed, that the two were dating for so long and now have been decided to tie the knot to a built future relationship and also decided to have their ceremony in march, in Seoul. But due to the pandemic, it saw a little delay, and also it will remain private.

Additionally, Hyun Bin is also excitingly sharing his love and shares that it is the most important decision of my life as it’s about spending the rest of my life with a partner and I am pleased to announce that I have found the love of my life who makes me laugh who understands me. And both describe the way of understanding each other, that understanding is the key to running a perfect relationship and both liked the way they understand each other regarding their future.

They were also captured in the golfing area where Hyun Bin teaching their son how to play golf. On top of that son’s upcoming drama where she is been playing the role of a dermatologist who is fond of golfing which will help her further in this.

It’s been rumored about the couple without the confirmation no one is able to see their ideal couple, but now they officially announced their relationship and her fans are also waiting to see to be together.

Not only this they have been invited on a show and questioned about their first love and then both answered that they each other their first love and they just want to embrace by marrying with each other.

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