Suicide Instagram Post Leaked of Rapper Chika?

Followers are praying for Chika as the musician proposes she take her own life through euthanasia. Chika’s safety checkup for her Lakewood residence was called in yesterday, but she was not there when the regional owner took her to her apartment. In her Snapchat story, the 18 – 35 years rapper revealed that she’s on the verge of jumping over the summit of The Cosmopolitan in Southern California. 

Is Rapper Chika Dead Or Alive?

Keep your personal in reserve about when I accomplish.” She referred to her impending suicides as “everlasting independence” following identifying myself as a “strongly worded story of kinds since no one listened.” Chika expresses her hope that her story may function as a sobering reminder for others who are considering abandoning someone. She also shared more photographs without remarks on her Instagram Story, adding that everyone may locate her physique because she will not really bother.

What Happened To Rapper Chika?

She appears to be. There might be something impeding your progress. “It’s exhausting and heartbreaking,” Chika remarked, added, “It appears like something of a sobbing werewolf, however, it’s not.” It’s only a matter of figuring out which path to choose. the fastest route the comfortable method “I, again, am bored with this myself.” “Many thanks to everybody who has contacted me to check in. This has been a long and arduous weekend. I’m never going anywhere.

Rapper Chika Instagram Post Leaked

Around all, I’ve been through the next several weeks. Chika alarmed followers in January 2020 when she canceled her Youtube account following a series of ominous posts. She, on the other hand, returned to Facebook.

It’s all about your theoretical structure and the type of supportive family you have… Praying up is mostly for supporters to wake up early if something does happen. They are doing everything to attract notoriety. ” I despise it over here… Please continue to pray to her. She has a lovely spirit.”

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