Texas DeSoto West Middle School Viral Fight Video Leaked On Twitter, YouTube & Instagram, What Happened In Fight?

Hello my dear friends, today we have come again with very good information for you. investigating. In the video, a student can be seen throwing a chair at a substitute teacher. The teacher was not hurt, but the student has been suspended. The altercation took place on Monday morning when the substitute teacher was trying to address a group of students who were not following instructions. The student allegedly threw the chair, striking the substitute in the head. According to local news reports, the substitute then hit the student with a ruler, causing injuries to his face. A video has surfaced of a student throwing a chair at a substitute teacher, and police are investigating the matter. Stay tuned to our website TheGossipsWorld.com for more latest updates!!

Texas DeSoto West Middle School Viral Fight Video

The teacher was not injured, but the student who threw the chair was sent to the office. The DeSoto West Middle School fight video involving a student throwing a chair at a substitute teacher has generated a lot of international interest. Texas law enforcement officials are investigating the matter and the school district has placed the substitute teacher on administrative leave. Police are investigating an assault of a substitute teacher at DeSoto West Middle School. The violent incident was captured by other students who recorded the fight on their cell phones as they watched in horror.

Texas DeSoto West Middle School Viral Fight Details

The video shows two eighth-grade students punching and kicking the teacher. One student hit her with a desk chair. While being assaulted, the teacher tries to block her head with her hands. DeSoto police are investigating a report of disorderly conduct against a substitute teacher after a video surfaced showing what happened during an altercation. The video opens with two students facing off. One throws a punch, while the other grabs and holds the first student.

What Happened In DeSoto West Middle School Viral Fight Video?

What happens next is a blur of arms and legs. A crowd gathers around the two students, who appear to be trying to land punches on each other. A person in dark pants, who appears to be a substitute teacher, is knocked over by a flailing arm. This is when another male adult enters the frame. He quickly grabs the student and pushes him away from the scuffle. The room clears out quickly after that… An altercation occurred at a middle school in Texas resulting in a biased news story on the incident. One of the reasons that I have started this blog is to help spread the truth and correct misinformation.

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