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TikTok: “mascara” Trend Meaning and Video Explored

TikTok is trending with a viral code “mascara,” and we bet you’d think it was something beauty-related, but it’s not. TikTok has become far more than just a platform for dancing and lip-syncing videos. Even acronyms and slang can grab everyone’s attention these days, to the point of going viral. But most users are confused by this “mascara” code trend.

Read on to learn more about the TikTok trend, with a new virus coded “mascara” on the platform.

TikTok’s new virus codenames “mascara” trend

If you follow most of what’s trending on TikTok. Then you must have come across some slang or acronym that is trending on the platform. Well, the new virus code “mascara” is something like that. However, many believe it has something to do with beauty.

@professional diners Ha ha! #mascaratrend #fypshi #xyzbca #For you ♬ Constellation by duster – ‍

Mascara is the new viral code that’s trending on TikTok, but it’s not makeup that people use. Instead, it has a few different meanings, making it a trend on the platform. The mascara trend on TikTok has always been about one’s romantic partner. The label of the mascara trend has also been trending.

What the hell is going on with TikTok’s viral code ‘mascara’ trend?

Users on TikTok are loving the viral “mascara” trend. However, many people are confused by the same idea as it is about cosmetic mascara. but it is not the truth. A trending topic on TikTok is actually talking about one’s romantic partner.

@emmthevirgo #mascaratrend #mascara #fall ♬ Constellation by duster – ‍

Amid the viral mascara trend, users have been talking about their past or current relationships with their partners. Talk like they’re actually talking about cosmetic mascara. This trend has led others to try it too.

Users react to TikTok viral code ‘mascara’ trend

Some users were confused by TikTok’s mascara trend. Think users who try this trend are talking about actual cosmetic mascara. However, this was not the case as they discussed how their relationship was with their former or current partners.

One user of the viral mascara said: “A mascara I used to love ended up badly damaging my mascara, so now I’m afraid to try any new ones because I can’t get my lashes back The ointment is damaged.” “I had to put down my mascara,” another user said.

@kayyybarbieee It’s not about mascara 🙂 #fyp #fypshi #mascara #mascaratrend ♬ Constellation by duster – ‍


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