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TikTok: What is ‘I don’t like this game’? Viral Trend Explained

One of the trends TikTok has gotten everyone addicted to lately is the “I don’t like this game” trend. Well, if you’re an active TikTok user, then you definitely can’t miss this trend. But if you’re not familiar with the “I don’t like this game” trend. Then you’ve come to the right place to learn about this viral trend that’s driving everyone crazy.

Read on to learn more about TikTok’s new “I don’t like this game” trend and what it’s all about.

TikTok finds another surprising trend “I don’t like this game”

TikTok is at the center of viral trends and challenges, and yes, we can’t deny that trying them out is fun too. Well, with the “I don’t like this game” trend, we have it again on apps. It’s fun to experiment with this trend.

@toodirtydom 🤣🙌🏻 #fyp ♬ original sound – toodirtydom

Although it’s not clear where this trend really started. However, we found a viral video from a user about this trend. So far, it has garnered 15 million views and even more than 2 million likes.

What made the TikTok “I don’t like this game” trend go viral?

I Doesn’t Like This Game of TikTok is trying this hilarious trend in one of its popular video shows. One of the users, toodirtytom, posted a video on November 10. Someone was seen playing a game of tagging another person.

However, an interesting twist comes when the guy is about to get caught up in the tag game. He turned around and said “Stop! I don’t like this game”. This made other people make the same comment and respond hilariously to it.

@_tarta5_ #duet with @toodirtydom #fyp 13 years old 😂😂 #Candy Crush 10 #comedy #foryoupage #For you ♬ original sound – toodirtydom

User reactions to Douyin’s “I don’t like this game” trend

Users are going crazy over TikTok’s “I don’t like this game” trend. This lets everyone enjoy it and try it out in their own way. Yes, users have tried this trend themselves, but with an interesting twist on it. This allows others to try it out too.

At the same time, we got toodirtytom’s viral video getting a reaction from TikTok users. As one of the users wrote “Bruh this is really how kids behave”. While another user said, “kids do it just so they don’t get flagged and don’t want to play again”.


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