Travis Whittemore Death – Cause Of Death, Commercial Pilot Dead At 35

As per the recent reports Travis Jared Whittemore, his age is 35 years old and he is a commercial pilot, he had sex with a child age 10. This pilot draws 4 hours from Dallas to Conroe.

According to the cases which are being increased these days which she is that the apps on social media are like a ground in which gets are being targeted its like a dark web you can have secret access. And any of the children can use this. The court documents said that he was traveling from Dallas to Conroe on Wednesday and then he had sex with a child.

Travis Whittemore Death Reason

He was an air force veteran and He saved to be a pilot for a Major airline then they go through his phone they said it was a case of child pornography. Now he is under the charge online and position of child pornography. Whittemore is facing up to 20 years in prison for this case and any possession of pornography. Dollar 19000 it is bones where he was seen to be a sex offender.

Travis Whittemore: Wikipedia & biography

Every day we have such kind of upsetting news in which we see the encounter for sex with a little child while he was traveling it is so shocking and unbelievable that this month flu and covered the distance just to physically abuse an innocent chill Talking more about this incident in which it’s a star There are several reasons the rapist is aware and going internationally as a pilot. He could have had access to the other people too.

Travis Whittemore: Funeral & Obituary

According to the office, they found the child pornography was enough to understand what kind of person he is and he was also written by the authority. According to the police, he will say a maximum of 20 years imprisonment.

Get Connected he can also register as a sex offender. Police are still investigating amount is incident and their also finding out more details about this case however there is no typical profile of this often offender. This is a very terrific and horrible piece of news stay tuned with us to get the latest news.

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