Twenty Five Twenty One Ending?

Reddit: Twenty Five Twenty One Ending Explained: The best time to pass is to watch wonderful web series and films. It’s fresh our mind as well make it relax. And since the OTT platform has come into existence, the craze of people has increased a lot towards movies and series.

Keeping this factor in mind many OTT platforms are presenting many incredible web series. In this regard, “Twenty Five Twenty One” the hit drama of Netflix is a decade-spanning love romance that untangles over the course of 16 rampant episodes (each one is around 70 minutes long). 

Twenty Five Twenty One Ending Explained

The finale episode of the 1st season streamed this weekend, and now that this epic story has finished, you probably have some questions. The series is about 2 young adults, Baek Ye-jin (role played by Joo-Hyun), a young man who is new to town, and Na Hee-do (role played by Kim Tae-Ri), a high school fencing genius, who fall in love with each other after they meet, but the destiny of their relationship as adults is not known.

The story of their relationship starts when the daughter of Na Hee-do, Kim Min-chae (role played by Choi Myung-bin), finds the old diary of her mother and starts to piece the love life of her mother together beginning when she was in high school when she meets a slightly older boy named Ye-jin. It is interesting to watch the main characters end up together in the end?

Twenty Five Twenty One Ending Explained Reddit

At the time of the final episode of Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Ye-jin and Hee-do confront one another and break up after being together for years, but they both regret how emotional and angry they were when they called it quits. In her diary, Hee-do expressed her regret and states that she wishes things did not end so badly. Hee-do then fortuitously leaves her diary on a bus, she requests that the driver contact her if the diary is discovered.

Seemingly, the diary is sent to Ye-jin, due to a card with his contact information was inside it, and he reads the diary which chronicles many years of his relationship with Hee-do, and he is moved to tears when he realizes how much Hee-do loved him…With that, the season concludes, and though nothing is declared definitively, Ye-Jin and Hee-do do not get back together. But there is always more story to say if we get an additional season of TFTO.

Will There Be The 2nd Season Of Twenty-Five Twenty-One?

Netflix has not asserted whether or not TFTO will be renewed for a 2nd season. The show was in their non-English-speaking Top Ten for many weeks after its launch, however so based on that success, a 2nd season is always a chance.

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