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Twitch’s new playing guidelines will ban streaming of websites like Stake and Rollbit – SCandleusa › scandleusa – Stars Info City

Twitch revealed that the platform could have new prompts to curate content material offerings starting October 18.

While Twitch is best known for its game content feed, the platform also has its fair share of creators who produce content feeds through entirely different categories.

There has been an uptick in the number of people participating in the supply of content material on the Amazon-owned platform in recent times, and it all came into a detonation here after a streamer named ItsSliker just recently disclosed his reliance. stage.

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Twitch’s new tips ban streaming sites Slot, Rollbit, and more

Twitch made an announcement on Twitter on Tuesday, September 20, disclosing possible steps to curb streamers participating in the supply of content material.

“Playing content on Twitch has been a huge topic of local debate, and one thing we’ve been actively reviewing since our final coverage in this space took over,” The platform revealed in its statement.

“Right now, we want to replace you in our program. Although we prohibit sharing hyperlinks or referral codes with all sites that contain slot machines, roulette or cube video games, we’ve seen some people circumvent these guidelines and expose our team
potential harm. “

The Amazon-owned platform announced that it will implement a security change starting October 18, informing its potential customers that streaming sites such as “Stake.com, Rollbit.com, Duelbits.com and Roobet.com” will be banned.

Twitch will make it possible to stream from internet sites centered on sports action betting, fantasy sports action and poker, despite the introduction of new engagement-related tips, the statement revealed.

ItsSliker admits to being involved in dependency

After the drama surrounding ItsSliker, Twitch chose to introduce new tricks gained by participating.

Sliker, popular for his love of playing video video games brave and Counter Strike: World Offensive On the platform, he admitted in each of his latest Twitch streams that he gambled with donations from viewers and cash from colleagues.

Content creators who were seen sobbing in the stream began saying, “I’ll come out and say, I don’t know what to do, I lied to a lot of people.”

“So if you haven’t heard, I borrow money from individuals,” he said of explaining the situation to those who didn’t know.

He revealed that he started attending after Counter Strike: World Offensive Get the proper rights here. He claims he was initially involved in the skins, but it snowballed into cash and loans from colleagues.

“I used to bet a lot of money. Mostly all my Twitch cash,” ItsSliker said. “I might be streaming and asking them if they can borrow cash. I won’t explain it to them clearly. Since it’s playing, I might mislead them.”

Dexerto pointed out that the anchor also remarked: “This is what playing has brought me…. s**t is harmful. This is the epitome of a game addict. I used to mislead my audience and say ‘I used to gamble in the past’ a long time. “It’s a lie. I used to gamble a lot.”

“My initial thought was that I could pay for them again,” he said on the stream, revealing that he definitely wasn’t trying to be dishonest to his fellow creators. The streamer added that he still intends to pay extra soon.

Streamers need Twitch to ban participation in content material supply

Big streamer likes after ItsSliker confession pokemane and Mizkiff Among other things, streamers participating in the supply of content material are generally publicly prohibited on Twitch.

Streamers are known to have been involved with certain video video games.

“Twitch has guidelines for anyone selling or streaming self-destructive behavior,” Streamer Ranboo tweeted“The undeniable fact that promoting ACTUAL engagement shouldn’t be part of it is ridiculous because it’s a self-destructive habit, if not the entire time.

“Must be banned from streaming.”

Twitch has revealed that the new tips could be made available to potential customers before October 18.

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