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Udaariyaan 23rd September 2022, Today’s Full Episode Written Update, Ekam’s Father Is Against His Relationship!

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Sorry we’re a little late, but don’t worry now, we’re ready to release an update on the latest part of our daily soap “Udaariyaan” on September 23, 2022. Now Naaz is playing the role of Jasmine, and Neymart’s life. She wants everything that belongs to Nehmat and soon someone will see her stealing her love. On the other hand, Ekam and Nehmat’s love story is on seven clouds, they are madly in love, but Ekam’s father is against the relationship and decides not to let it happen. Ekam is now suspicious of his father’s strange behavior, and he decides to investigate the matter.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

UdariaanSeptember 23, 2022

On the other hand, there was a party at Ekam’s house today, but Naaz was not invited, she somehow agreed with Ekam’s mother and got an invitation to the party. Naaz is happy to be at the party and wants to see Nehmat’s reaction. Find out what’s new in Nehmat and Ekam’s life now in the section below. So far, we’ve seen Nehmat at a party where she was shocked to see Naaz. On the other side, Ekam’s father is stunned after hearing the names of Fateh and Tejo, remembering the chat with the gangster and the accident between Fateh and Tejo.

Udaariyaan’s full-length written update today

Surrounded by the sounds of the past, he picked up the glass of whisky again to silence them, but before he could drink, he immediately felt a sharp pain in his chest. Ekam’s father grabbed his chest and fell to the ground when suddenly his wife Renuka arrived, stunned and hugged her spouse’s body. On the other hand, Ekam and Nehmat are both dancing to the hit song known as “Dhoom Machale”, while Ekam is rocking his dance steps like Hrithik Roshan, his partner Nehmat is also matching his dance steps, both look Great, but he was unaware of the fact that his father needed him.

He was unaware of the seriousness and urgency of the situation, Ekam enjoyed the company of Nehmat, and both of them became the main attraction of the whole party. Meanwhile, his mother was anxiously calling him to inform him of his father’s critical condition. But Ekam was busy with his party and couldn’t hear his phone. Then Renuka decided not to waste any more time taking her husband to the hospital. Will the truth of Randhawa come out?

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