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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy deserves the Nobel Peace Prize – Brospar Daily News

This commentary was written by Barre Township resident Tom Koch, who has represented the town in the Vermont House of Representatives for 22 years.

The history of the world can be told by telling one man’s plunder of another man’s land. The Old Testament is not the earliest record of such conflicts, and contains many stories of struggles for control of land. Through Alexander the Great’s crusades in Asia and Africa, Caesar’s exploits in Gaul, William the Conqueror’s defeat of Harold in 1066, Napoleon’s empire building, our own expansion in Native American lands, and leading to a second The living space of Hitler of the World War, the conquest continues. Just to name a few examples.

It used to be acceptable behavior, but the inevitable war and unspeakable human suffering must ultimately be deemed unacceptable.

We saw Russia invade Ukraine for no reason or any reason other than Vladimir Putin wanting to reunite the Soviet Union. Likewise, we see China threatening to invade Taiwan.

Now is the time for the international community to say “Enough! No more!” It is time to declare any country that tries to seize land from its neighbors as outlaws. It’s time to declare all current borders permanent, even if there is debate why some changes should be made. But any change must be voluntary, not force.

As the beginning of this admittedly idealistic (some might say unrealistic) proposition, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy chose to lead Ukraine’s defense. Not only is he defending possession of the land, but he also supports Russia’s claim that it has no legal claim to Ukrainian land. He and his people are fighting, but they are fighting for peace and his efforts should be recognized.

In about a week, the Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded. I can’t think of a more worthy recipient than President Zelensky, who supports the principle of no longer accepting the seizure of other countries’ land. Acceptance of this principle may be the greatest driver of lasting world peace, and the Nobel Prize Committee has an opportunity to promote that acceptance.

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