So hello everyone and recently the online users are really excited about the tinder date in forest controversy and the footage is going viral all over social media networks. They have been asking several questions and integrating the reported date that took place. Kebur Sawit YNA crystals are circulating all over the internet.

We are going to talk about the latest scandal so keep scrolling through this article. So this story is all about the precious person that was stolen in the year 1989.

Tinder Date In Forest Leaked Video

The investigators were reportedly looking for the stolen diamonds and the Treasure near Prince Faisal fort. The treasure which is almost worth 20 million dollars is gathering all the attention from the online websites and the online users want to know about the Treasure and its history.

But recently the people were really excited regarding this scandal when a couple was spotted near the fort and they were having a really beautiful tinder date. So accordingly the local authorities of Saudi Arabia have already found the criminal and his surname Kriangkrai Techamong.

Tinder Date In Forest Full Scandal

They are the eldest son of none other than Saudi princes himself and there are a lot of Secrets are still to be revealed regarding this case. So since then, online users are trying to dig every information regarding the story and they have been constantly debating about how the son of a very famous personality can steal the family treasure of his household. I don’t have a lot of information regarding his son and he was supposedly on a tinder date.

Tinder Date In Forest Twitter Video

If you do not enter then it is a very famous dating platform and has millions of users and tinder helps them to find their best Soulmate. Some online users also have the theory is that the couple was doing suspicious activities in the forest and their video was later released on adult websites.

But we still don’t have any solid evidence to conclude that theory. So we will provide you with some more informative updates regarding this case and stay tuned with our website for breaking news stories from all around the world.

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