Viral ‘Mexican Alien Revealed as Cake’ Video Leaves Internet in Awe of Deceptive Realism

Amid the shocking alien bodies found in Cusco, Peru that were presented at a UFO hearing in Mexico, now another video claims it to be merely a cake. There’s been a debate going on about whether aliens and UFOs are real or not. Despite so many claims to prove it’s real. The doubt still exists among all. But what about the recent alien corpses found in Peru?

Read ahead to know more about the video that went viral claiming recent alien corpses found in Peru to be a cake.

The viral alien corpses found in Cusco, Peru

It isn’t the first time the topic of aliens and UFOs has popped up. Back in 2017 alien mummies were found in Nazca, Peru. The world was shocked at the claims of the researchers. The three-fingered, elongated skull alien mummies were different than humans. However, many similarities were there too.

Once again, archeologists have found two alien corpses in Cusco, Peru. Which is said to be 1000 years old. In fact, ufologist Jamie Maussan during a UFO briefing said “These specimens are not part of our terrestrial evolution”. The claims have been hinting at the existence of extraterrestrials.

Video calling the alien corpses found in Cusco, Peru as cake goes viral

The new presentation of alien corpses found in Cusco, Peru has sparked a debate online. To believe whether extraterrestrials are real or not. There’s been a new video going viral about the alien corpses found in Cusco, Peru.

A video has been going viral on social media claiming that the presented alien corpses from Cusco were nothing but an edible cake. The video was posted by Pubity’s X account. The headline of which read as “Alien revealed as cake”.

In fact, the cake shown in the video was similar to the one presented at the UFO hearing, in Mexico. But later in the video, a hand goes ahead to cut the alien cake. That eventually shows the layers of the edible cake.

More about the alien corpses found in Cusco, Peru called a cake in a viral video

The video also had the text read as “Suspected alien corpse turns out to be a Cake”. Not just that, the video has gone viral on social media with more than 2 million views on the same. But many of them have been left confused as to whether the presented alien corpses at the Mexico UFO hearing were indeed a cake.

Well, the video going viral showing the alien cake is merely a joke. Yet, the reality behind the discovered corpses is still to be known. Meanwhile, users have been reacting to the cake video saying “Knew it all along. Just didn’t want to expose it”.

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