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Watch Kutta 900 BFG Straap Video

Who is Kuta 900?

The shooting occurred in the 2800 block of Casey Street, CBS reported. After being shot, the rapper was taken to hospital for treatment. Cory Media Lucien, 26, who was with him, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Rapper BFG Straap’s manager, LD The Manager, announced the rapper’s death on social media. He uploaded a photo of the rapper on Instagram and shared it with his followers. She wrote in the caption:

@DailyLoud posted a video showing the location of the crime. There were reports that police surrounded the site. Users can also see the yellow tape used to seal off the area. Here is the text of the tweet:

Additionally, a heartbreaking video of the musician’s body has gone viral on social media in recent days. On Twitter, people will find the same information. However, you should know that it does contain some disturbing video clips.

Watch the Kutta 900 BFG Straap video

The shocking news of his passing has left many internet users frustrated and bewildered. Considering his age at the time of his death, many found this a shocking event. His musical legacy is fondly remembered by his followers, who also expressed their grief at his passing. The following can be found in some of the tweets:

On January 7, 2000, the singer-songwriter delivered in Dallas, Texas, USA. According to information available on the rapper’s official website, he was born while his mother was serving a sentence in a correctional facility. His love for music was passed down through his family who shared the same passion for music. Since then, he has dreamed of becoming a successful singer. Here is the content of the site:

It was the musician’s urban and southern-style hip-hop tunes that made him famous. In July 2019, he released an album called “STRAAP A MANIAC”, which was loved by many fans. After that, he went on to record more successful songs such as “La Vegas”, “Focus” and “Surgery”.

Read more – https://newsgloby.com/rapper-bfg-straap-dead-body-video-killed-in-south-dallas-shooting/

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