What Happened To Bostin Loyd? Bodybuilder Passes Away At 29

Bostin Loyd, a 29-year-old bodybuilder, died on February 25. Generation Iron is the first one to report Loyd’s death, reporting that he had fallen at his house in Springhill, Florida. He was later transferred to a medical centre, in which he was declared dead.

Loyd passed out just after heading to the gym, according to Fitness Volts. He was immediately brought to the emergency department, where C.P.R. was used to try to resuscitate him. The cause of death has still not been determined yet though.

Ariella Palumbo, Loyd’s fiancée, as well as their son, Justin, survives him. The family was apparently attempting a second pregnancy in December of the last year.

Bostin Loyd Cause of Death

Bostin Loyd is said to have had a heart attack. Other fundamental concerns could have triggered cardiac events because of his previous health problems.

During his profession, the 29-year-old bodybuilder had divisive opinions on steroids and had been open towards his own use of bioactive drugs. Loyd was among the first professional bodybuilders to admit to using a steroid cycle in conjunction with training to get such an appearance.

Bostin Loyd developed kidney problems after using a steroid called a peptide. The bodybuilder was recognized for stage 5 renal failure in October 2020.

He earlier stated that he’d been medicated with healing peptides, Gluthithione, and stem cell treatments, but that his severe state had not improved significantly. He had been on the verge of undergoing dialysis.

Loyd took to Social media two days prior to his death, whereupon he wrote:

“I handle everything one day at a time.” My statistics continue to degrade. There are good days and bad days for me (mostly good). Despite the fact that my bloodwork results remain to worsen, I feel so much better than before I was originally diagnosed.”

Loyd started a large steroid cycle after reaching the N.P.C. Contra Costa just at age of 21. He claims to have been the first professional bodybuilder to reveal such information.


Several tweets followed the news of his death, paying tribute to the late bodybuilder. While some tweeted about his issue, the majority of tweets praised his charisma. His kid Jaxtin left a note for him in his partner’s Instagram profile. “Dad, I will miss you every day,” He wrote. I love you R.D.P.”

I was floored this morning when I heard that my friend Bostin Loyd had passed away. While Bostin had his online persona, personally he was always a kind and caring man and loved his family.” writes Marc Lobliner

I was floored this morning when I heard that my friend Bostin Loyd had passed away.

“Beyond devastated to report that Bostin Loyd is no longer with us. Dave is in touch with Bostin’s wife, Ariella, and we are committed to supporting Bostin’s family by all means during this difficult time. We will have more, including Dave’s reaction.”

Wrote one

Another fan wrote, Damn, RIP to Bostin Loyd. For those unfamiliar, the guy had probably one of the most epic physique transformations here that you’ll ever see, but he was very open about pushing tons of drugs to do it. Not worth it to die at 29 with a young kid and wife, sad

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