What Happened With Snootie Wild? Is He Dead Or Alive? Check Health Condition

One of the renowned rappers and artists named Snootie Wild is gathering enormous attention nowadays after the rapper got shot. The entire information went viral all over social media nowadays. However, all of his fans are praying for his speedy recovery while some of the netizens have been said that the accident claimed the life of the musician.

But authentic reports asserted that the artist is being hospitalized after getting shot and surviving for his life. There is no update available on his current health condition. Along with that none of the updates affirmed him dead so far. Get more information on Snootie Wild dead or alive.

LePreston Porter popularly known by his stage name Snootie Wild collected the headlines due to his involvement in a dreaded incident wherein he got shot. According to the latest reports, the rapper got shot in his neck and chest. The anonymous suspect who attacked Wild came with the intention to kill him.

Although the rapper survived the attack and was rushed to the hospital where he is battling for his life. As we mentioned above Snootie has fetched an enormous fanbase and all of them are praying for the rapper’s speedy recovery.

If we talk more about Snootie Wild, this is not for the first time when he is surrounded by such a grim situation. Previous to this, the artist was allegedly charged with possessing an illegal weapon for which he also got detained and sentenced to imprisonment of four years at Huntsville, Texas Jail.

The entire incident took place in 2018, March when police found the involvement of the artist with the illegal ownership of a firearm. It is being assumed in all those years Wild made a lethal enmity.

A report of attempting a murder has been lodged by law enforcement and they even started their investigation. However, the person who attacked Wild is undiscovered yet. Some more details of the incident are yet to be disclosed. The police officers are examining all the pros and cons of the case and collecting evidence.

Some people are on the Internet are claiming that the artist lost his life in the attack. But all that are hoaxes as Wild is surviving for his life in the hospital. In addition to this, Wild is married to Krystal Meredith and the couple is blessed with a boy who is 4 years young right now. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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