What Is The Mike Who Cheese Hairy Tiktok Meme Origin & Meaning Explained

What Is The Mike Who Cheese Hairy Tiktok Meme Origin & Meaning Explained: TikTok is an app that is used by a huge audience and every mother it fetched the new and trendiest content on the internet. Just like this, we are again to update you all about the Mike Who Cheese Hairy Tiktok Meme.

Memes get viral so fast and quickly a thus this time also a Chses TikTk meme is making the rounds all over the world and on social media platforms. This time there is a new obsession for all the intended users who are discussing the Cheese Hairy meme.

What Is The Mike Who Cheese Hairy Tiktok?

A person has been reading the phrase on his smartphone and then they have finally seen saying this phrase so loud in the confusion. And then they were seen to be repeating the sentence which makes it sounds so different, as it seems that they are saying, “my coochie is hairy.”

If we have a look at the Urabm dictionary then it sounds like “my who coochie is hairy,” which means that a trick is to make you and your friends hate you all.

The Mike Who Cheese Hairy Meme Origin & Meaning

Now, this becomes the most popular joke of 2022, and the users are now sharing it among them through their social media accounts. The joke is getting pulled with the help of the app and it is none other than TikTok. Lets alosa informed you guys that this is the two-year-old video as it was uploaded on the web on April 22 2019 from the user handle @meli_a.

A video of the man posted by a girl in which he has been reading the viral phrase which is now a joke on the internet all across the world. The video is gaining the attention of millions now and the account of the girl is also gaining followers.

The video is now crossed 32.6 million views on TikTik and this is a huge amount. The video is not only making the round on the Tik Tok but also on the other social platforms too.

This phrase is a trendsetter now which is also making the users create memes on it for their entertainment. There are many trendsetting videos released every single month on TikTok and this keeps the audience stay engaged with the app.

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