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What Is The Monk Launch Party Challenge In Clash Royale? Full Information, Rewards And More!

Good evening everyone, Clash Royale finally has a new character. The Monk Launch Party challenge is going viral on the Internet, and gamers are excited about the rewards the event will bring. He is a remarkable figure with a white beard and gold beads on his hands. Along with him, Phoenix cards were also released in October, and the game’s publisher has now announced a challenge where you’ll receive loads of magical items in your chest. Some offers will also be available in the store.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Monks launch party challenge in Clash Royale

You should check it out. This is an optional update for Android devices and you must download the latest version of the game after maintenance ends. They announced some fixes for not being able to move on paths in Legends of Legends, and they tried to reduce animation lag when you’re crowned after a ranked match. Star levels are also missing some visuals, and some back and staff improvements have also been made to improve the user experience. Talking about some stats for the new character of this level 14 card, it has 2668 points.

What is the Monk Startup Party Challenge in Clash Royale?

It does a whopping 186 damage and has a combo damage of 558. It can attack defenses and troops, and it looks very similar to Hog Rider. Only his hair is white instead of black. He spent many isolated years perfecting a new style of fighting, he has 83 combos, he can deal extra damage and knock enemies back. He was released on October 26 and 22, and he can be used in Arena of Silent Century. His elixir cost is 4 and his ability cost is 1.

Monk in Clash Royale message launches party challenge

He is immune to knockback and takes 0.8 times less damage. We can reflect some incoming project tiles and he is a great addition to your roster. The content creators are trying to create the perfect deck with him where you can use him as a shield for attackers behind him. He has signing ability and you can get a lot of cards. You’ll be able to unlock coins when building the first battle, then 3000 coins for the third battle, and you’ll get an exclusive emoticon for the final reward.

There are also some good-for-money deals from outside stores, so don’t miss out checking them out. Go ahead and try this new character with many combinations, he won’t let you down. We’ll be back with more updates, so stay tuned to our site. Banner tokens and chest chi are also available in this challenge, and you should try to use cards like Wizard and mega Knight and Monk to win the maximum number of battles and get as many crowns as possible.

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