What Was Matt Henriksen Cause Of Death? Famous Sports Journalist Died At 49, Funeral & Obituary!

Matt Henriksen, an internationally known sports journalist and commentator has died at the age of 49 after a long battle with cancer. Known for his work with ESPN, Henrikson was also a contributor to SI, Deadspin, and other major sporting media outlets. In his many years of writing, he wrote extensively about professional and Olympic sports, as well as MLB and NFL. Henriksen was also an ambassador for Reach Out and Touch Other People (ROTP). Stay tuned to our website TheGossipsWorld.com for more latest updates!!

Matt Henriksen Death Reason

An organization that performs highly complex heart surgery on children in developing countries. It is with much sadness that we bring you the news of Matt Henriksen’s passing. Matt was known for his work on the HBO series Westworld and was most recently seen in the Netflix series Stranger Things. The founder and CEO of TillBilly, Matt Henriksen, had passed away yesterday at the young age of 42 years old.

Matt Henriksen Wikipedia

He was the force behind the team that brought us this exciting platform and helped develop it into what it is today. When we tried to track down a cause of death, all we could find was a short note regarding his death. Matt Henriksen, who appeared as the character “Mondo” in commercials for his Mondo Condo mini-mall empire and in similar ad campaigns hawking other dubious investments, was 66. Matt Henriksen of The Matt and Joe Radio Show has died at the age of 49.

Matt Henriksen Funeral & Obituary

His cause of death is yet to be confirmed, although it is believed to have been suicide. His body was discovered in his trailer home in Santa Rosa, California. He had recently been in a super bowl pool that made him $2.5 million from a $10 bet, but after being evicted from his studio apartment he had accumulated large amounts of debt amounting to more than $100,000 which had become overwhelming for him.

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