Where are Jackson Lonie and Olivia?

Married At First Sight Australia: Where are Jackson Lonie and Olivia now?: The famous television series “Married At First Sight Australia” has been telecasting on E4 in the United Kingdom and the eccentric dating Television series has been full of a lot of drama.

Jackson Lonie and his spouse Olivia Frazer have been at the center of the explosive dinner parties. In this article, we have all the details you looking to know about where the plumber is now. Keep on reading to know more details about it. 

Where are Jackson Lonie and Olivia From Married At First Sight Australia Now?

Jackson explains himself as the class clown who is confident and outgoing. Though he also stated he was sensitive and was all set to find his love.

The experts matched him with Olivia Frazer and they fastly came into the spotlight as one of the most talked-about pairs. Jackson came to the defense of his spouse after she got backlash from the other cast members. There had been a dramatic moment on the show where Domenica Calarco hit a glass at the time of a heated argument with Olivia.

 As for where Jackson is now, he has been keeping admirers up to date through Instagram. He shared a picture of himself from the series wearing a relaying smile, stating: “One happy chappy.” The reality star also shared a post of himself with his spouse, Olivia, stating:

“We made it through”. He also used an emoji of a face with a love heart in the eyes which is suggesting that the couple is still as happy as ever. Talking about his wife, he added: “She took my breath away.” Jackson was known for extreme fitness and health regimes, something Olivia has now grown used to.

 Married At First Sight Australia Jackson Lonie and Olivia

Talking to Now To Love Australia he states: “To this day I go to the gym and she is cool with it.” He also stated his spouse had been working on herself after some explosive and heated arguments on the show.

He further added that “Live has been attempting (to improve) since snide comments, I did pull her up on it and it has not occurred again. “It is a lot different in the real world you do not have to be put into the room with someone you do not like.”

A teaser clip for the finale episode, which is still to be telecast in the United Kingdom views all the contestants reuniting to talk about their experiences. Jackson and Olivia come up to be shown the footage of the altercation between Olivia with Domenica. The reunion episode should assert how the duo handled life since leaving the series.

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