Where Are Stephanie Stepp, William Alexander, Shawna Cannon, and Joshua Taramasco Today? Update

Investigation Discovery’s “Mean Girl Murders: Bad Bar Babes” documents how Tiffany Boyer, 29, was kidnapped and murdered in northeast Albuquerque in August 2015. It took a year for investigators to be able to apprehend the perpetrators responsible for the heinous crime. If you’re interested in learning more about the case, including the killer’s identity and current whereabouts, we’ve got you covered. So shall we begin?

How Did Tiffany Boyer Die?

Robert Ross told police he was staying at the Palomas house and witnessed the pair kill Boyer. He said he donned latex gloves and helped the group wrap Boyer’s body on a carpet, put her in a car and drive to a remote area south of Albuquerque. Ross told Stroup that Boyer’s body was now “coyote food,” according to the complaint. Tixier said there are currently no charges against Rose by the district attorney’s office.

In early October, a landowner in southern Torrance County told the sheriff’s office that he found a garbage bag filled with blood-stained items, including clothing, plastic sheeting, latex gloves, a cell phone and towels, the complaint said. More than a month later, police found Boyer’s remains dumped about a mile and a half from where the items were found.

On May 26, a forensic anthropologist with the Office of the Medical Investigator determined that Boyer died of “blunt force trauma to the head in a manner of homicide.” Cannon, Alexander, Taramasco and Stepp were rounded up by U.S. deputies, members of the Police Fugitive Task Force and APD officers Wednesday around the city. “They’re still all in Albuquerque,” Tissier said. “They thought we didn’t have a body and thought we couldn’t move forward with the case, so it was safe.”

Who Killed Tiffany Boyer?

In late August, Robert “Machete Bob” McGuire was reported missing under suspicious circumstances. Police said he was last seen at his home on Aug. 15 and his belongings were left behind. Days later, a confidential source told the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy that McGuire, 44, “may have been murdered and his body may be in the trunk of a car in Los Lunas.” Los Luna officials searched but did not find his body, according to the complaint.

Boyer’s boyfriend told police he had been hanging out at a friend’s house on Aug. 19 when Boyer arrived with Cannon and several others. He said the group was angry with Boyer because they believed her rape allegation against McGuire contributed to his disappearance, which they believed was murdered. One of the suspects told police that Boyer “lied about saying that Machete Bob raped her.”

APD spokesman Sergeant Tanner Tixier said police are still investigating McGuire’s disappearance. “We haven’t found him yet,” he said. “We believe he is dead, but we have no evidence.” The group took Boyer, and her boyfriend asked to go with them, “so he could try to calm the situation,” the indictment said. Instead, the situation escalated when they all arrived at a house in Palomas NE near San Mateo and the Constitution.

The boyfriend said he saw Stepp beat Boyer, and then Steppe and Taramasco placed a plastic cover on the floor and covered the windows with cardboard, the complaint said. The boyfriend said the group zipped his hands and put him and Boyer โ€” who was also bound and gagged โ€” in a closet. Eventually, Boyer was taken from a closet and he could hear her screaming, the boyfriend said. Stipe later told police she tried to strangle Boyer but “wasn’t working,” so Alexander hit Boyer with a hammer.

Cannon told police she left the house before Alexander arrived. “The voices he (boyfriend) heard lead him to believe that Ms. Boyer was thrown against a wall and severely beaten,” the officer wrote in the complaint. When her boyfriend was brought out of the closet, Boyer, the plastic cover and the chair she had been sitting on were gone. He said he got off near PA and Chico NE. Boyer’s mother reported her missing 10 days later, telling police it was unusual for her daughter not to contact her for such a long time.

The interview led police to a house near San Mateo and Constitution, where they believe Boyer was tied up and beaten. Her killer blamed her for McGuire’s death, arguing that she had falsely accused him of rape and was involved in his disappearance. According to police, they locked Boyer in a closet until Stephanie Stepp tried to strangle her. When she couldn’t, police say William Paul Alexander killed Boyer with a hammer.

Where are Stephanie Stepp, William Alexander, Shawna Cannon and Joshua Taramasco now?

Police also arrested Shawna Cannon and Joshua Taramasco on Wednesday for kidnapping and murder after finding key evidence. “We found the body after some time,” Ofc said. Drobik. In November, investigators found Boyer’s body about 2.5 miles south of Highway 55 in Socorro County. After the murder, the suspect threw away her body, joking that she would be “coyote food,” police said.

“Our mounted units covered great distances. It was the only way we could find the remains because it was such a remote place,” Ofc said. Drobik. The APD said it took about 3,000 hours to close the case. “A lot of work has been done on this. Ms Boyer’s family is somewhat closed off now,” Ofc said. Drobik. Four suspects are being held in jail on charges including murder, kidnapping, robbery and aggravated battery.

Stephanie was sentenced to 24 years after pleading guilty to second-degree murder, while Paul received a life sentence for first-degree murder. Shawna pleaded guilty to kidnapping and was sentenced to six years in prison, while Taramasco, who pleaded guilty to kidnapping, was sentenced to eight years in prison. The investigation into McGuire’s disappearance continues today, police said.

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