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Where is Alexis Neiers’ Sister Today? Update

With Netflix’s “Real Bling: The Great Hollywood Heist” revisiting the serial celebrity burglaries of the late 2000s, we gain a real understanding of the complex reality of what happened and why. After all, it contains not only exclusive interviews with several then-teenage Ring members, but also some indirectly interconnected individuals to fill every gap in this sordid tale. That includes, of course, Alexis Neiers’ lovely sister Gabrielle “Gabbie” Neiers – so for now, if you want to find out more about her and where she currently stands, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Gaby Niles?

Although Gabbie didn’t have the most comfortable and stable childhood after her parents divorced when she was very young, she had Alexis by her side every step of the way. She even got another sibling in the form of Tess Taylor — her sister’s best friend — once the latter moved in when she was a teenager, but their tumultuous family dynamic remains unchanged. That’s because, aside from financial constraints and a “control” model, everything revolved around “beauty and weight loss” while growing up with their mother.

According to the Netflix documentary series, the three young men also abused many drugs throughout their adolescence, whether it was alcohol, marijuana, pills or hard drugs. “My mom grounded me all summer because I was drunk when I was 12,” Gabi admitted frankly. “The only thing I was allowed to watch was The Secret[the 2006 documentary]on repeat.” She further admitted that she and Tessa introduced oxycodone to Alexis without realizing it was addictive , because she hated it when she tried it – that was before she was 16.

Where is Gabby Niles now?

The truth is that Gabbie is out of the limelight after both E’s! An online reality show depicting their family life and the entire Bling Ring case involving her biological sister came to a close. She was actually 15 during the filming of “Pretty Wild,” and she was nearly 18 when Alexis was freed as a twice-convicted felon, which seemed to set her on the right track path of.It must be noted that Gabbie has since then disclose Her motivation at the time was that she “wanted everyone to be my friend. I wanted everyone to love me because I didn’t feel loved.”

Speaking of her current whereabouts, as far as we know, Gabi is now Gabriel “Gabby” Hymes, living near Thousand Oaks, California, as a proud daughter, sister, wife and mother. The Fashion Industry Management graduate from the Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing (FIDM) actually married Brandon Hames on June 2, 2018, with whom they have two children. Their son, Atticus Kevin Hames, was born on September 30, 2020, followed by their daughter, Astrid Elizabeth Hames, on June 12, 2022—both Gabbie opted for an all-natural birth. We should also mention that her relationship with her mother, former Playboy model Andrea Arrington, is much healthier these days.

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