Where is Angila Wilder’s Ex-Husband Today? Latest Update

One morning in November 2015, Chris Jackson was devastated when he discovered his fiancée, Angila Wilder, dead. The nature of the crime and prior history immediately led the authorities to Angela’s ex-husband, Richie Wilder Jr. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: Prairie Confidential’ focuses on how the investigators found irrefutable physical evidence connecting Richie to the case, and in a shocking twist, his new wife as well. So, let’s find out where Richie might be today then, shall we?

Who is Richie Wilder Jr?

Richie Wilder Jr. and Angila met at church in Alabama when they were younger, eventually marrying and having two children. However, the relationship turned sour over time; Richie was reported to be abusive toward Angila. As a result, he was convicted of domestic abuse and kicked out of the military.

After the divorce, Richie married Cynthia, and Angila was engaged to Chris Jackson. However, the animosity between Angila and Richie continued because of a bitter custody battle for their children. So, when Angila was found brutally stabbed to death in November 2015, many suspected Richie’s involvement.

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The authorities in Minot, North Dakota, questioned Richie, who claimed to have been home with his wife and kids. However, the police knew it wasn’t true because physical evidence tied him to the murder. Richie’s DNA was found under Angila’s fingernails, meaning she fought for her life while he attacked her.

Furthermore, a drop of her blood was found on one of Richie’s vehicles. After a few months in custody, Richie decided to talk to the authorities but came up with a ridiculous story that blamed Chris for the murder.

Richie further claimed that he and Chris suspected Angila was cheating and planned to break into the house to gather evidence. Then, Richie said that Chris lost control, went crazy, and stabbed Angila. However, this was untrue because security cameras recorded Chris at his place of work around the time of the murder.

Ultimately, it was Richie who kicked in the backdoor of Angela’s home and stabbed her to death. Later, a prison inmate testified that Richie admitted killing Angie and disposing of his clothes in a dumpster behind his apartment.

Where is Richie Wilder Jr Now?

Image Credit: KFYRTV/YouTube

Richie Wilder Jr., then 29, was arrested in December 2015. In August 2016, the authorities thwarted his attempt to break out of county jail. They later learned that Cynthia not only aided him in the attempted escape, she was also involved in planning Angela’s murder.

In December 2016, Richie was convicted of murdering his ex-wife as well as trying to escape from prison. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole plus another five years for the attempted breakout. Federal prison records indicate that Richie remains incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary, Atwater in California.

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