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Where is Diane Staudte’s Pastor Today? Latest Update

The police had no reason to suspect anything fishy in Mark and Shaun Staudte’s deaths in 2012. However, their cold-blooded murder would have gone unsolved if not for their pastor, Jeff Sippy, who tipped off authorities anonymously. ABC’s ’20/20: Home Sweet Murder,’ draws a vivid picture of the murders and shows how essential Jeff’s tip was to the investigation. If this case happens to catch your fancy and you want to know where Jeff Sippy is at present, we have you covered.

Who Is Jeff Sippy?

At the time of Mark and Shaun’s death, Jeff Sippy was a pastor at the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Springfield, Missouri. Along with the Staudte family, the church was frequented by Diane Staudte, who used to play the organ as a side job. Being a close acquaintance of the family, Jeff mentioned that Diane and Mark, who were high school sweethearts, had a happy marriage initially.

However, issues began creeping into their relationship as being the lead singer of a local band, Mark’s income was meagre, and Diane had to take the family’s responsibility on her shoulders. Besides, the two were parents to four children, Brianna, Shaun, Sarah, and Rachel. The show mentioned that while Brianna had a learning disorder and Shaun lived with autism, Sarah, a college graduate, didn’t yet have a job and was unable to help her parents financially.

Image Credit: Jeff Sippy/Facebook

Nevertheless, there seemed no reason for worry until Mark’s sudden death in April 2012. Although his death was considered to be due to natural causes, Diane collected his life insurance and moved the family to a new home. Subsequently, in September of 2012, tragedy struck again as Shaun left for his heavenly abode.

According to doctors, Shaun was pretty sick for at least three weeks before his death and had even experienced body pain, nausea, and diarrhea. However, there wasn’t any reason to suspect foul play, and his death, too, was considered natural. With both deaths not raising the least amount of suspicion, the police would not have taken a second look if not for Jeff Sippy.

According to the show, in early 2013, Jeff tipped the authorities, albeit anonymously, and explained that the deaths were not natural and needed to be investigated. He further mentioned that Sarah, too, had begun showing similar symptoms as Shaun and was in grave danger.

The police immediately sprung into actor and launched a full-blown investigation. They talked with Sarah’s doctors, realized that there was a suspicion of slow poisoning, and ultimately got Diane to confess to the murder of her husband and son. Surprisingly, further investigation revealed that Rachel was also involved as an accomplice in the crimes.

Where Is Jeff Sippy Now?

Jeff’s information was integral to the police investigation and helped bring justice to Mark and Shaun. With Diane and Rachel finally in police custody, Jeff went back to his job as a pastor, and in 2002 was promoted to the prestigious position of a Senior Pastor at the Redeemer Lutheran Church.

At present, Jeff resides in Springfield, Missouri, and apart from his profession as a Senior Pastor, also works as a Hospice chaplain and an American Sailing Association instructor. Besides, he is now enjoying a happy married life and from the looks of it, is a proud father.

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