Where is Jeremy Scott Now? Did He Kill Michelle Schofield? Update

When Michelle Saum Schofield was found stabbed to death in the canal in February 1987, no one could have predicted that the ensuing investigation would take what they did. That’s because 18-year-old husband Leo Schofield was convicted of murder, as explored in “20/20: The Last Time in Lakeland,” just to gain new evidence that others may have responsible for outrageous crimes. So now, if you want to learn more about this previously unconnected man – felon Jeremy Lynn Scott – to really get to the heart of this confusing issue, we’ve got the details for you.

Where is Jeremy Scott now?

Jeremy Lynn Scott, who has been rapping extensively since he was a teenager, is essentially a lifelong criminal and is therefore currently in jail for completely unrelated crimes. He was reportedly acquitted at the age of 15 (circa 1984), but then within three years of committing arson, robbery, armed robbery, theft and assault of an officer. However, another year later, on November 1, 1988, the Polk County, Florida native went above and beyond, ostensibly killing his friend Donald Moorehead for not serving Pay for a painting he completes.

according to court records, Jeremy punched Donald in the head with a grape juice bottle before strangling him with a phone line and an accomplice in the early hours of that fateful day. The pair even stole his car when no cash was found in his trailer house, which is why he was convicted of first-degree murder and armed robbery; a life sentence in 1989. So today, a 53-year-old felon, commonly referred to as “Bam Bam,” is serving a sentence at the mixed-security Florida State Penitentiary (AKA Raiford Prison) in Bradford County.

Did Jeremy Scott kill Michelle Schofield?

In 2004, a previously unidentified fingerprint found in Michelle Schofield’s abandoned vehicle (1987) matched convicted killer Jeremy Scott, linking him to the entire case. Authorities did then question him because not only was he out of jail when this particular crime took place, but he also lived two miles away from where her body was found. At the time he admitted to being a car stereo/equipment thief as a way to explain the reason behind his fingerprints, but he denied being involved in the homicide in any way, shape or form.

That changed in 2016, though, when Michelle’s husband/lawyer for convicted killer Leo Schofield contacted Jeremy for new details that would allow him to have a retrial.Jeremy allegedly confessed only to be thorough deny the same In a 2017 interview with police, he added that if he paid $1,000 in cash, he would actually be happy to accept punishment for any crime. He was interrogated again, but this time on the record, with videotape of the manner in which he killed the 18-year-old with a hunting knife on February 25, 1987.

According to Jeremy, he once saw Michelle at a gas station calling and asking for a ride, only to casually point her to a secluded lake after she sincerely agreed. In the car, however, when he reached for a cigarette, his weapon fell out and she started hitting him, which he said made him lose his cool, especially when he was taking prescription drugs. “The next thing I knew, I lost it,” he admit. “I did stab her. I’m panicking now because I don’t know what just happened.”

As a result, Leo’s case was brought to court for a prima facie hearing to determine whether a retrial should be granted, and Jeremy actually took to the stands in October 2017 and retracted his confession.This new update, along with some discrepancies in his narrative, led the court to rule that he lacked credibility, meaning he could not be believed to have killed Michelle

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