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Where is The Bling Ring Member Today? Update

A documentary series that lives up to its name in every way, Miles Blayden-Ryall’s “The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist” can only be described as both engrossing and inexplicable. That’s because this three-part Netflix original takes a closer look at the wacky tales of teens who managed to rob the homes of several high-profile celebrities in the late 2000s. That includes Diana Tamayo – so for now, if you want to know more about her, what exactly she did in the matter, and where she’s at now, we’ve got it all for you details.

Who is Diana Tamayo?

Although Diana Tamayo, like most other members of The Bling Ring, attended the alternative Indian Hills High School in the affluent neighborhood of Calabasas, California, there were two key differences. The undocumented Mexican immigrant, who served as class president in 2008, actually broke into a celebrity’s home for the first time with her friends/classmates Rachel Lee and Nick Prugo a few months ago.Report Suggest In early 2009, the then 19-year-old’s initial hit was actor Orlando Bloom, after which she freely took part in some larger-scale residential booty with the group.

However, when Nick was arrested a few months later, everything fell apart, especially when he quickly confessed and led the authorities to directly investigate each convicted co-conspirator (at the advice of his lawyers).Diana was then identified as an important part of the operation as her petite frame allegedly allowed her to crawl through dog door Or being pushed up a window so she can open the way for others. She was subsequently arrested and charged, but time worked in her favor once it was discovered that the head of the investigation, Brett Goodkin, was working as a paid consultant in a film based on the case.

Where is Diana Tamayo now?

According to the Netflix documentary, Detective Goodkin’s credibility was completely compromised during this particular, ongoing episode as he earned some associated extra cash while being officially assigned to it. “Once that happens,” Deputy District Attorney Christine Kee sincerely says in this three-part production, “we know we can’t go to trial. We’re going to have to drop the case.” So, in 2012 Diana was allowed to plead guilty to a burglary count at Lindsay Lohan’s home in October – which she could have faced had she been convicted after trial deport.

In exchange for her plea, Diana, then 21, received 60 days of community service with the Caltrans, three years of probation, and time in county jail. She was also ordered to pay compensation to the victim.

Talking about her current whereabouts, as far as we can tell, Diana prefers to live a quiet life away from the spotlight these days. However, we also know that she is now happily married, has found deep faith, and is a proud nutritionist/personal trainer.

“I chose not to speak to any media because I wanted to [this incident] be my past,” Diana said bluntly the daily beast Back in 2013, it looks like she’s holding on to that even today.

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