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As a documentary that lives up to its title in every way, Miles Brydon-Ryle’s “Real Bling: The Hollywood Heist” can only be described as an equally engrossing and inexplicable composition part. That’s because this three-part Netflix really takes a hard look at the wacky tales of these kids who managed to rob the homes of quite a few high-profile celebrities in the late 2000s. That includes Diana Tamayo – so now, in the event, you want to further analyze her, her exact hands throughout the event, along with where she is now, we’ve got all the points for you.

Who is Diana Tamayo?

Although Diana Tamayo attended Indian Hills Transition Academy in the bustling neighborhood of Calabasas, California, like most of the disparate members of The Bling Ring, there were two key changes. The undocumented Mexican immigrant took over as class president in 2008, months before she actually joined her buddies/classmates Rachel Lee and Nick Prugger in their first burglary of a celebrity home. Critics asserted that the then-19-year-old’s initial hit was an early 2009 ball game with actor Orlando Bloom, after which she was free to engage in some further large-scale residential loot with the group.

Still, the whole thing was taken care of here just a few months later when Nick was arrested, in no small part because he was quick to admit and immediately bring the authorities to each of the guilty confederates (in his on the advice of a lawyer). Diana was then credited as an essential part of the operation, as her petite physique allegedly allowed her to use the canine doorway to crawl or be lifted over the windows of the family home so she might open the easiest way for others . She was subsequently arrested and charged, however, just when the head of the investigation, Brett Goodkin, was discovered to be a paid consultant for a film largely based on the case, time worked in her favor.

Is the current place Diana Tamayo?

In response to the Netflix docu-series, Detective Goodkin’s credibility on this specific, ongoing affair was completely compromised, as he made some related more money but was still officially assigned. “As soon as it came out,” Deputy District Attorney Christine Kee said earnestly throughout the three-part manufacturing process, “we knew we couldn’t go to court. We always needed to get the case out.” So, in October 2012, Diana has been allowed to plead guilty to a burglary at Lindsay Lohan’s home – and could face deportation if she is convicted after trial.

In exchange for her plea, Diana, then 21, received 60 days of community service with the Caltrans, three years of probation, and time in county jail. She was also ordered to pay compensation to her victims.

Speaking of her current whereabouts, as far as we can tell, Diana has recently preferred to effectively document her quiet life away from the spotlight. But we also know that she is now fortunately married, has discovered deep religious beliefs, and is a proud nutritionist/personal trainer.

“I choose not to discuss with any media because I need to [this incident] Before me,” Diana more candidly instructed The Everyday Beast in 2013, and now it seems she’s even right to insist.

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