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Where is the LAPD Officer Today? Update

Netflix’s “The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist” is a documentary that we can only describe as both gripping and inexplicable, looking at the famous crime spree in a different way. After all, it delves into celebrity home robberies of the late 2000s — totaling more than $3 million — simply because they wanted to live in luxury. But for now, if you just want to learn more about LAPD Detective Brett Goodkin and the way he unknowingly sabotaged the state’s entire legal case, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Brett Goodkin?

Despite being part of the LAPD’s Hollywood Homicide Squad, veteran officer Brett appears to have been assigned the burglary because of his high-profile victim. The truth is, he was quick to prove his mettle with a final breakthrough — according to the documentary, his immunity talk (not a deal) with Nick Prugger’s attorney led to his guilty plea in the fall of 2009. “[As one of the original members of Bling Ring, Nick] Confessing crimes we didn’t even know about [they had] promise,” the detective once Sayand later revealed that the looting was essentially their job.

That changed, however, when Brett signed on as a paid technical consultant for filmmaker Sofia Coppola’s TV series “Blinging Ring,” especially since the case was still going on in court.The fact that he made money ($12,500 in total) while serving as a prosecutor-appointed witness for the investigating officer affects his entire credibility, which means the state cannot hold a trial. According to the three-part Netflix original, they therefore had to “drop the case” by giving some of the indicted perpetrators lighter charges or even lighter sentences.

Where is Brett Goodkin now?

“You should all write a thank you note to Goodkin for his poor judgment,” a judge said publicly in court as he told defendants Roy Lopez, Courtney Ames and Diana Tamayo’s attorney said. “You can spend a day with his credibility during the trial … what he did is regrettable. It’s bad for the people’s case.” As if that wasn’t enough, Brett officially at the time defendant Not getting the proper license to be an active character in Sophia’s film, made false statements to a deputy district attorney about his role in the film, and jeopardized the entire case.

In addition, detectives face a second LAPD investigation for inappropriate personal contact with case witnesses; she claim He “sort of started stalking me.” So Brett had to stand before the Human Rights Commission to find out if he could be fired, suspended, face disciplinary action, or cleared of any wrongdoing related to those matters.

So, as far as we can tell, it appears Brett parted ways with the LAPD in 2014, although it’s unclear what the board ultimately decided. He then moved to Gig Harbor, Washington (circa 2016), where he continues to this day, living with his extended loving family.

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