Where The Crawdads Sing Movie Trailer Controversy Explained!

As anticipation for Where the Crawdads Sing ramps up, people are curious to know more about the film. Directed by Jordan Peele and written by Jason Mitchell, the film tells the story of a white woman who goes back to her childhood home in Louisiana and reconnects with her family and local Crawdad community. Naturally, with a film like this, there has been much speculation around the topic of race and racism. The official trailer dropped today and it didn’t take long for people to start asking questions about Daisy-Edgar Jones’ character, Lynx. Stay tuned to our website TheGossipsWorld.com for more latest updates!!!

Where The Crawdads Sing Controversy

With Crawdads Sing, director David Lowery returns to the rural south with a film that explores racism, classism, and environmental devastation. Based on the novel of the same name by Delia Ephron, the film follows a group of white middle-class kids who go on a field trip to a beach where they encounter the local black community. The trailer for Crawdads Sing has caused uproar online, with many people accusing Lowery of racism. In this blog, we will investigate the controversy and explain why many believe that the film is racist.

Where The Crawdads Sing Movie Trailer

The film adaptation of Where the Crawdads Sing has been met with controversy, even before it’s released. We’ve got the lowdown on the Where The Crawdads Sing trailer, including who is in the cast, and controversies regarding the upcoming movie you love Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train then Where The Crawdads Sing will be your next book obsession. The first trailer for the Where the Crawdads Sing movie is here and it’s a doozy. The book is a chart-topper whose novel is famed for a string of plagiarism claims against author Delia Owens.

Where The Crawdads Sing Movie Trailer Controversy Explained

But forget all that for now, because we have to talk about that single shot of Taylor Swift in her flowing white dress. If you’re one of the many people who cringed at that moment, well boy are you in for some pretty weird news. The official trailer for the scandalous upcoming film, Where the Crawdads Sing, dropped on Tuesday amid a major controversy. The author of the book, Delia Owens is reportedly being sued by the people who own her family lands and she hasn’t even approved the director of the film, Joel Potrykus for making this movie in the first place.

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