Who is Colin McNally? Cardozo High School P.E. Instructor Smashed A 14-Year-Old Student- Video Goes Viral

Colin McNally, a 58-year-old physical education instructor at New York’s Cardozo High School, was recently arrested. He was charged with harming a child after slamming a 14-year-old African-American student against the wall and wrestling him to the ground.

The educator worked at Cardozo High School as a P.E. teacher and tennis coach. Although it is unclear whether he is still working there following the event. The tense brawl was also recorded on film and extensively shared on social media, prompting the teacher’s arrest.

After the adolescent went out of the gym with a basketball, McNally allegedly got into an altercation with him. When the student sought to reclaim the basketball, the teacher took it for unclear reasons and assaulted him.

The tennis coach acknowledged his activities and was charged with second-degree harassment and endangering the welfare of a youngster. Since then, he has been freed from detention.

Colin McNally has been removed from the classroom, pending the outcome of the investigation

Colin McNally, a P.E. instructor at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School, attacked an anonymous 14-year-old student on campus on February 16, 2022. The youngster was seen going out of a gym with a basketball, according to footage acquired by WABC-TV.

Shortly after, the educator took the basketball and began going towards the dean’s office, despite the student’s repeated requests for it to be returned. When the adolescent attempted to take the ball from McNally, the instructor grabbed his jacket and threw him against the wall.

Before one of the witnesses intervened, the coach could also be seen tackling the student on the floor. McNally acknowledged the crime while speaking with detectives, according to the legal complaint: “I pushed a kid against the wall and then I pushed him to the ground.”

Nathaniel Styer, a spokesman for the NYC Department of Education, issued an official comment about the situation: “These are incredibly disturbing allegations, and Mr. McNally was immediately removed from the classroom away from students, pending the outcome of the investigation.”

“Students At Cardozo High School Were Saddened By The Occurrence”

Meanwhile, students at Cardozo High School were saddened by the occurrence and told WABC-TV about their assumptions. Jonathan Pasquariello, a student, proposed the following hypothesis: “After the whistle blew for after the gym, I guess the coach didn’t like that, ’cause I know he has a short temper, McNally.”

Another student, who wishes to remain anonymous, added: “I never got the wrong or bad impression from him, so when I heard that, it’s actually very shocking that he would actually do something like that.”

According to local sources, the juvenile victim did not receive any serious injuries but did experience “annoyance and alarm” as a result of the incident.

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