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Hi everyone, the parents of a teenage child are worried about their little daughter as Julia Trejo has not been seen since Friday 15th September. She was last seen around 6pm. Police have launched a rescue operation to find the young girl and reunite her with her family. The family believes she may be in danger and hopes the police can find her soon. She is just an ordinary girl who goes to school and chats with friends. This is the first time she has disappeared.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Who is Julia Trejo?

Without telling anyone, everyone was checking their house and community so they could find her. She is described as a little girl with dark hair and dark eyes, about 5ft 3in tall. The photo was also circulated on official social media accounts, and police do not have any information or progress on the incident at this time.​​​ If you have any information about Julia, you can contact your local police station or let you know through the official website.

15-year-old girl Julia Trejo missing from Las Vegas

The police are working with the public to solve the case as soon as possible. She was wearing a school uniform navy blue football hoodie and white sneakers. She is a member of a school sports team and she is very active. She agrees on both athleticism and aggression, and she lives in Las Vegas. Online users have their own theories, but we won’t cover them because some of them are really taken out of context. The Las Vegas Police Department has announced a parameter.

Julia Trejo: Wikipedia and Bio

They are looking for the girl among them and there is no possibility of kidnapping as no one is asking for any kind of money. We don’t have any information on her family details, and they haven’t come forward to be interviewed by any news channel. She is an introverted girl, but she has a good relationship with everyone in and out of school. Until then, we’ll return with more information on this event, and then continue reading the article on our website.