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Who Is Sunny Ozell? Actor Patrick Stewart Says His Wife Keeps His Life ‘perpetually Interesting’

Sunny Ozell, star Patrick Stewart’s wife, reportedly said that she keeps him on his toes and maintains his life “endlessly exciting.” In this week’s edition of an interview, the 81-year-old Hollywood legend said: “I haven’t ever met someone quite like her. She is quite intelligent and well-informed. Her academic achievements are also remarkable. She recalls every detail.” Between Stewart and Ozell, there is a 38-year age gap.

Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell Relationship

Sunny Ozell and Patrick Stewart managed to meet in 2008. Stewart has been in a year-long theatrical performance of Macbeth just at the time, whereas Ozell was working as a waiter in a Brooklyn restaurant. According to the Star Trek star,

“She had been operating as a waitress in a Brooklyn restaurant. ‘Gentleman, on the home, what else would you like for desserts?’ remarked this attractive woman. We started talking, and she mentioned how very much she wants to be seeing Macbeth, but it was sold out. The three- or four-week run in Brooklyn was sold up before we really launch it.”

He went on to say, ” “‘Oh, we’re heading to Broadway next,’ I remarked. It was also the first stage in life that I gave somebody my mobile number and said, “Call me, I’ll get you a ticket.” That’s exactly what we did. After that, she came backstage, and then we had dinner, and now we’re here.” Stewart, who marries Ozell in 2013, also discussed his immediate goals, saying:

“Ozell and I have decided to go somewhere and simply close down. I’m really anticipating forward to this one. My wife thinks I’ll be willing to withstand it for approximately two weeks. After that, I’ll contact my agency.”

Who is Patrick Stewart’s wife?

Sunny Ozell is a musician and songwriter from the United States. She was born on December 23, 1978, in Reno, Nevada, as well as raised there. Despite the fact that her family was not even from the entertainment industry, they were huge fans of the form of art. Ozell’s parents, who valued music education, urged her to know how to play the violin while she was four years old.

Ozell began singing lessons when she was 11 years old. And by the time of 13, she had been instructed by an opera teacher. Her first record, Take It With Me, was not released since she was 37 years old. Stewart’s kids through his prior marriage with Shelia Falconer, Daniel, and Sophia, have Ozell as their stepmother.

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