Who Was Cleo McNally? 18-Years-Old Girl Attacked On Three Cops Viral Video

A video has been trending on social media in which a teenager can be trying to begin a fight with her friend and also attacked the three cops after downing the bottle of vodka. According to the sources, an 18-years-old girl named Cleo McNally wrestled an officer during the rampage with an officer.

Even known that the news can become headlines if her video goes viral but still, she didn’t care about anything. The sources believe that the incident took place on November 14, last year.

The reports suggest that the teenager was trying to fight with her friend. It can be seen that she was swearing and shouting at her while the police were dealing with another incident in the same area where she was already present. The cops noticed the group of youths who were already involved in their own fight.

Who Was Cleo McNally?

Along with this, the report says that the officer came ahead to stop the girl but the girl identified as Cleo Mcnally misbehaved with the officer. She was continuously fighting with her friend.

Officer also tried to stop her but she didn’t and replied impolitely. She said that she doesn’t care about anything and went to swear at her friend again. She can be seen saying that if they know she is an f#$%ing little b#@$h. Officer asked the girl not to use abusive language in the area as there were lots of elders and children present at the moment.

Later, the officer told that they were trying to stop her but she refused and started fighting with her officials due to which they were forced to take legal action against her. The Stockport Magistrates Court heard that she refused to co-operate with them and then, got close to the officer shouting abuse at the girl who was standing behind her.

Cleo McNally Age, Instagram

Later, the situation became worse that McNally of Danes Square, Macclesfield continued to resist and kicked out at all three police officers on Castle Street, Macclesfield. One of them was kicked to the wrist and the others were kicked to the kneed. Later, the girl was arrested and taken to police custody for an interview in which, she told the officer that she had a bad argument with her friend after drinking a full bottle of vodka.

She told that she remembered the arrival of the police but didn’t recall putting her hand on the officer’s baton but also remembered that she pushed them back and told them that she was totally drunk and was not in control of herself.

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