Who Was Harley Alexander? ‘Lizard Lick Towing’ star Ron Shirley Paid Tribute To His Late Son

Harley Alexander, son of Ronnie Shirley confirmed dead by his father on Thursday. The sad news by Lizard Lick Towing star Ronnie Shirley was shared on social media and fans are devastated at the news. While Harley was shot dead by a gunman at the North Carolina gas station, the cops are still looking into the matter.

Who was Harley Alexander?

The 21 years old guy Harley Alexander was the son of Ronnie Shirley who rose to fame after his company Lizard Lick Towing was featured in one of the reality TV shows of the same name. Ronnie Shirley’s towing company however got featured in the reality show from 2011 till 2014.

However, it was only last week when the son of Ronnie had gone to attend the balloon release memorial service of a known one, that the incident happened. Sadly, the news of his untimely demise broke out only after his father Ronnie shared about it on his social media stating that a “coward” shot his son in the back.

How did Harley Alexander die?

It was certainly confirmed by Ronnie himself that his son died at a gas station after his son was back attending a balloon release memorial service last week. The incident is reported to have happened at the Sheetz gas station in North Carolina.

A witness of the whole incident informed the cops after that when it found wounded people at the parking area of the gas station. Harley is reported to have died at the scene. Moreover, Johnston County Sheriff is looking into the whole matter.

Social Media Pouring Tribute For Harley Alexander

As soon as the news of the death of Harley Alexander was confirmed, social media was in disbelief. However, it was Ronnie himself who had shared the news of his son’s demise. While Ronnie’ emotional post clearly had his pain of losing his beloved son, social media poured their heartfelt condolences to the family.

Also as the sheriff are busy looking into the matter, it would be out soon as to who shot Harley dead that night. However, it was also reported that a woman too got shot that night who is still alive. Reportedly, the woman too would be investigated to find the real culprit soon.

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