Who Was Jamal Edwards? SBTV Founder Cause Of Death?

The popular British entrepreneur, founder of SBTV, and DJ “Jamal Edwards” is no longer among his close ones, as his sudden demise occurred at the age of 31. Since the news took place on social networking sites, it made uncounted hearts shattered enough, because his departure was totally unexpected.

Hence, almost everyone is paying tribute to him through social networking sites, especially through Twitter. Many reports are coming with different claims behind the exact cause of his passing. So below you could check the comprehensive details you need to know along with some unknown facts about the deceased.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Edwards was dealing with severe health complications for a long, which made his body deteriorate enough because as soon as time was passing his health was taking the worst face. Therefore, he was under the preservation of the medical team, but they could not do anything ahead of god’s will.

But yet, no statement regarding the exact cause of his passing came to the fore, which is remaining the subject of discussion among his admirers. So as long as they make something we will advise you to not chase any false narrative or rumour.

Who Was Jamal Edwards?

31-years-old, Jamal Edwards was a British entrepreneur, DJ, author, director, and founder of the online urban music platform SBTV. He has blessed his admirers with uncounted overwhelming projects which made their days as well. He was born on 24th August 1990 in Luton, Bedfordshire, England, and unfortunately, his passing took place on 20th February 2022.

He completed his studies from the same place he hailed from, and since childhood decided to go with his passion to convert into the profession, and in the end, he fulfilled his dreams. Many people love to consider him as their idol because at just a very young age he had become the popular face.

As soon as his followers are getting familiarized with the news their immense reactions are coming to the fore as well because no one had imagined that one day they will lose their favourite one. Therefore, everyone is unleashing their deepest feeling while praying for his family as well so that, they could bless with enough strength to bear the pain of great loss. Because nothing is more heartbreaking than losing someone close to us, we will also pray may his soul rest in peace (RIP Jamal Edwards).

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