Who Was Sondra Wiener? Bernie Madoff’s Sister and Husband Found Dead in Suspected Murder-Suicide

A piece of shocking news is coming from Boynton Beach, Florida where the late Fraudster Bernie Madoff’s sister and her beloved husband passed away in their Florida apartment. According to the sources, their lifeless bodies were found in their own apartment which is suspected as a murder-suicide case.

The lady has been identified as Sondra Wiener who was 87 at the time of her death and her spouse Marvin was 90-years-old. The gunshot wounds were found in their home in Boynton Beach on Thursday, February 17, confirmed by Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the authorities, they received a call at around 12:55 PM saying Sondra and Marvin were found lifeless in their house. The Sheriff’s office said,” Upon arrival, deputies located an elderly female and male deceased from a gunshot wound”. Now, the investigation has begun and the detectives from the Violent Crimes Division is investigating the case and believing as a murder-suicide.

Who Was Sondra Wiener?

Well, there is no clarification that which one of them killed the other. According to the sources, Marvin and Sondra were among those who lives were impacted by Madoff’s financial crimes, and Sondra lost her millions.

As per the reports, the news of their passing was confirmed by the community leader through an e-mail to residents in the couple’s Valencia Lakes neighborhood. The leader wrote,” Let me start off by stating that as many of you have heard, we had a tragic situation on Barca Boulevard regarding the passing of Sondra and Marvin Weiner. Our thoughts and condolences go out to their family. There is currently an investigation pending. All I can say is at this time there is no security or safety threat to anyone in the community”.

As we know that Sondra was the sister of the Ponzi King. Sondra and her husband lost their $3 million and due to this, the couple was forced to sell their Palm Beach property. She got a parcel which was filled with expensive heirlooms in 2008 on Christmas eve that was sent by Madoff and his wife, Ruth.

The reports also suggest that Sondra and Madoff started to come close before Madoff’s crimes came into the limelight. The Weiners were living near his Palm Beach estate in the Ballenisles County Club. The property reports shows that they sold their property for $575,000. They paid $75,900 in 2003 for the property.

Now, their murder-suicide mystery has become a topic on the Internet and people are going curious to know about the crime. Many rumors are also circulating on social media and soon, the Sheriff’s office will share more details over the murder-suicide case.

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